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Name: Will Doran, Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher, E-RYT 500

Email: will@anusarayoga.com

ASHY Page: www.anusarayoga.com/members/william-doran/

Web Site: www.TheYogaCoach.com

………………………..Location: Seattle, WA  USA


        Greetings and namaste!  My name is Will Doran and I am the USA regional representative to the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga. I offer you my service and support helping ASHY members be effective teachers and members of our yoga community.  I am your resource for presenting your ideas to the school’s administration, for addressing questions, and for expanding Anusara Yoga throughout the US, and beyond. I open my heart and offer my support to our newer teachers as they go through the journey of learning our methodology and seek full certification.

       I am passionate about promoting  Anusara yoga and helping our teachers become more effective in their art.  I also am passionate about deepening our sense of community and interconnection.  In this light, I am leading a project to expand the value of our school’s website.  My efforts are to create the structure for a  Teacher Support  area in which our  exquisite teaching methodology, principles, class theming and personal stories are presented on-line as a resource and source for inspiration.  This is an extensive project that will continue to evolve over time and will grow in value as we refine it.  This project is meant to empower all Anusara teachers and gives you an opportunity to participate in your teacher lead school.  Please feel free to contact me with your ideas and questions.  I will help you define where you can contribute, regardless of your teaching experience.Will Doran - 1c

       I invite you, as students and teachers of yoga, to join in; bring your dreams and your talents, your experience and wisdom, as we build OUR school and expand our reputation as being some of the most highly trained and skilled yoga teachers today.  Check in regularly to see how our Anusara Teacher Support pages expand and offer more guidance and inspiration.  Another way to contribute your light and insights into Anusara yoga and your practice you can post on our ASHY Facebook page.  It is also a great place to post your Anusara activities such as Immersions, Teacher Trainings, Workshops and instructional videos. Like us!   www.facebook.com/ASHY.USA.

     On a personal note, I took my first yoga class when I was 42 years old, starting in 1998; I taught my first class in October of 2000.  I was instantly hooked on yoga with my first class and since have completed two teacher training programs and continued my studies of Anusara finally achieving my long-time goal of being a Certified Anusara yoga teacher in 2015.  It was at the first ASHY Samavesha gathering–where I was awarded certification–that I was recruited as the school’s USA representative.

    The skills that I bring to teaching come from my life-long desire to pursue spiritual growth and world philosophies.  I have studied diverse teachings and have found the beautiful life-affirming principles of Anusara to be my “home.”  Its deeply rooted connection to spirit and its emphasis on Attitude, Alignment and Action as a way to empower and embody our spiritual identity makes it relevant in all aspects of being.  For me, the exquisite principles of Anusara are a way of life and they bring vibrancy and compassionate power to my day-to-day existence.  As I age and experience the natural degeneration of my body over time (knee, spine, hip, eye surgeries….) I find that my Anusara practice keeps my attitude healthy and my physical practice compassionate  as it evolves and changes over time.  I observe that my physical issues have made me a better and more empathetic  teacher.


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