2013 – 2014 License Renewal Payment

UPDATED 12.05.13

ASHY staff is preparing to post the 2014 license agreements in the Teachers’ Lounge by 12.10.13 but in the meantime you may pay the 2014 license fee on this page, then click here to send us an email and we’ll forward you the link to the contract.

Both the license fee payment and the license agreement signing must be done before your Teacher Directory profile will be created. If you are a new Anusara-inspired™ teacher, or renewing for the first time with ASHY, you will receive a login for the Teacher’s Lounge within 10 days from the time your payment is completed. 

2014 License Fee Payment

2014 License Fees

Do you teach Anusara Yoga Teacher Trainings? Do you hold a Registered Yoga School designation from Yoga Alliance?

The Certified Anusara yoga Teacher Trainer program might be right for you. Certified Anusara yoga teacher trainers will be able to operate their yoga schools under ASHY’s RYS designation. There will be an additional administrative fee beyond the Certified Anusara yoga teacher license fee, but this fee will cost less than renewing your RYS designation from Yoga Alliance while it removes some of the administrative record keeping that the new Yoga Alliance standards require. If you’re currently leading Anusara yoga teacher trainings, contact ASHY to see if it makes sense for you to operate your yoga school under the ASHY RYS. For more information on this email admin@anusarayoga.com.

See this page for the new Anusara Elements™ yoga teacher program.

ASHY’s open-door policy for renewing lapsed licenses will change in 2014, and may require an interview or class review in addition to signing the license agreement and paying the license fee. 
If you’d like to know more about the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga before you make a decision to renew, we welcome you to contact the Anusara yoga teachers  that are administering it. Go to the regional tabs on the menu above and select your regional representative, or email info@anusarayoga.com. More about the school can be found on our FAQ’s page.