2014 Board of Directors Elections

ASHY’s first election for the Board of Directors ended August 11. Each region’s licensed teachers were invited to nominate candidates and participate in the election. The elected Directors will be joined by a representative of First Principle, Inc., the corporate entity that administers the school, and an at-large member. Terms of service will be offset so that some continuity on the board is maintained.

The election of the ASHY Board of Directors is a significant point of progress in the growth of the teacher-led school of Anusara yoga. Contact emails for the Directors will be posted here shortly so ASHY teachers may communicate with their Board representative.



Benjamin Finnerty

Benjamin Finnerty

Benjamin Finnerty – Certified Anusara yoga teacher, Taiwan

Benjamin Finnerty teaches yoga that is informed from many disciplines.  His main yoga teachers come from the Iyengar and Anusara traditions, but he has practiced up to the third series of Ashtanga Yoga, as well as spent close time with Vinyasa yoga’s most influential teachers.  In his yoga classes, expect to work hard, and deeply, while connecting to your breath and your body.

Benjamin’s yoga background comes mainly from 4 years in the San Francisco area where he studied deeply with teachers Rodney Yee and Richard Rosen, Jinsung, Manouso Manos, Ramanand Patel, Rusty Wells, and Jamie Lindsay. He has also studied deeply with Desiree Rumbaugh and John Friend.   After his San Francisco sojourn he relocated China where he currently pursues depth in his practice, knowledge as a teacher, and all the time nourishing his connection to his deepest self through the practice of yoga.

He has participated in more than 2000 hours of certification training for Yoga Teachers, holding certifications from several schools of yoga.  Recently he has also begun an in depth study of the teachings of Douglas Brooks, a professor at the University of Rochester in New York who teaches in the Rajanaka yoga tradition.

Since beginning teaching in 2002, Benjamin has taught many thousands of hours of public and private yoga classes, as well as more than 1000 of hours of training teachers in the USA, Canada, China, Taiwan, Brunei, the Phillipines and Australia.


  1. What is it about Anusara Yoga that keeps you practicing and studying Anusara Yoga specifically?

Anusara Yoga is a brilliant methodology that has within it contained everything that we need to find a fulfilling and joy filled life.  It is simple, complete, and brilliant in the way it teaches us to practice from the inside out, and through many layers from Annamaya to Ananda, from extrinsic to intrinsic, as we work with our parasympathetic and sympathetic to find a true sate of Yoga.  Having a system is of tremendous usefulness to give to our students.

 2.  What skills or experience do you bring to the Board of Directors that will help lead the school?

I have enormous experience through many schools of yoga from the first time I practiced yoga in the mid 80’s until today.  Residing in China also gives me a cross cultural lens to experience and share the growth of our school as it becomes more internationalized.  After years studying psychology, life coaching, and in general seeking a more integrated experience internally and through interaction with the world, I have developed communication capacities that are quite useful when working with others.  As a natural born leader, working with others is something I yearn for as a cooperation.

 3.   What do you see as the short term and long term goals of the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga?

Anusara Yoga needs to evolve to meet the needs of its students which are more and more diverse in physical capacity as well as culture.  We need to grow as an organization to be more focused on the whole and to expand our system to be more aware of the evolution of the world physically and spiritually.  We cannot stop with what we have now, but what we have now is a great foundation for what is to come, and in this way we will not change anything, but simply refine where we have learned that we can be better.


Jeannine Plaiche HeadshotJeannine Plaiche, Montreal, Quebec – Anusara Inspired Teacher (currently in certification program)

Jeannine Plaiche, Anusara-Inspired™ yoga teacher, is dedicated to the study of life and exploration of the human mind/body experience and teaches just outside of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and has a 22 year background in figure skating, 6 of which she coached professionally. It is her love for movement, biomechanics and self-exploration that brought her to yoga, in 2003, and then to Anusara® yoga in 2009.

Jeannine’s mission is to offer her students insightful and profoundly therapeutic practices that align the body to the power within. Her attention to detail and playful approach allow for an inner unfolding that honours and empowers the uniqueness of each while highlighting the unity between all.

When she’s not teaching, Jeannine loves traveling and experiencing new cultures. She has had the privilege of visiting many countries around the world and has done yoga and Reiki studies in India, Mexico and the United States. She is grateful to live such an abundant life and inspired by all the teachers who have assisted her on her path.


Jeannine Plaiche (professeure de yoga d’inspiration Anusara®), est dédiée à l’exploration du corps, l’esprit et l’étude de l’expérience humaine et enseigne juste à l’extérieure de Montréal, Québec, Canada. Elle est titulaire d’un baccalauréat en psychologie, était patineuse en patinage artistique pendant 22 ans, 6 dont elle était entraineuse professionnelle. C’est son amour pour le mouvement, la biomécanique et l’exploration de soi qui l’a amenée, en 2003, à la pratique du yoga et plus tard au yoga Anusara en 2009.

Comme professeure de yoga, sa mission c’est d’offrir des pratiques profondément perspicace et thérapeutiques qui alignent le corps avec la force intérieur. Son souci du détail et son approche ludique permette un déploiement interne qui honore et valorise le caractère unique de chacun, tout en soulignant l’unité entre tous.

Jeannine aime voyager et expérimenter différentes cultures.  Elle a déjà visité plusieurs pays et a eu le privilège d’étudier le yoga et le Reiki à l’étranger; en Inde, Mexique et aux États Unis. Elle est reconnaissante de sa vie abondante et par les enseignants qui l’ont inspiré sur son chemin.


  1. What is it about Anusara Yoga that keeps you practicing and studying Anusara Yoga specifically? Qu’est-ce qui vous pousse à pratiquer et à étudier spécifiquement le yoga Anusara?

My inner guru speaks to me through the language of Anusara yoga. The philosophy and method inspire and provide me with the tools to compassionately uncover my fears, bring light to my inner potential and, through the support and encouragement of the community and the teachings, empowers me to find, live and be my most authentic self.  Plus, I’m naturally drawn to alignment and the therapeutic aspect of this practice.

Mon gourou interne me parle à travers le yoga Anusara.  La philosophie et la méthode m’inspire et me donne les outils nécessaires pour découvrir mes peurs avec compassion,  emmène la lumière vers mon potentiel intérieur et, avec le support et l’encouragement de la communauté et les enseignements, me donne le pouvoir de trouver, vivre et être mon moi authentique. De plus, je suis naturellement attirée à l’alignement et l’aspect thérapeutique de cette pratique.

2. What skills or experiences do you bring to the Board of Directors that will help lead the school? Quelles aptitudes ou expériences présentez-vous au Conseil d’administration qui va aider à diriger l’école?

In addition to the basic qualifications, I bring to the Board my vibrant spirit and my dedication to the school’s evolution. I consider myself a quick learner, clear communicator (in any language, but mostly English and French) and team player. I have a creative mind and am not shy to share my “out of the box” ideas, that beings said, I’m also a critical thinker and like to get things done properly the first time. My background in psychology has proven to be an asset in problem solving, conflict resolution and mediation, as well as in marketing.

En plus de la qualification de base, j’emmène au Conseil mon esprit vivifiant et mon dévouement à l’évolution de l’école.  Je me considère comme étant une personne qui apprend vite, une communicatrice explicite, (en plusieurs langues, principalement en Anglais et Français), et j’ai l’esprit d’équipe. J’ai l’esprit créatif et je ne me gêne pas pour partager mes idées qui sortent de l’ordinaire; ceci étant dit, je suis aussi une personne d’esprit critique et j’aime bien réussir les choses du premier coup.  Ma formation en psychologie m’a prouvé être un atout en résolution de problème, conflits et médiation, aussi bien qu’en marketing.

3. What do you see as the short term and long term goals of the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga? Quels objectifs à court terme et à long terme prévoyez-vous pour le « Anusara School of Hatha Yoga »?

Short Term: Create a marketing strategy to increase ASHY traffic, including:

    • Assist licenced teachers in hosting immersions and teacher trainings in their communities
    • Complete 300-hr Advanced TT curriculum
    • Reach out to the greater yoga community and gain recognition by attending local and international yoga conferences, as well as increase traffic to the ASHY website (eg: Opening an online store)

Long Term: Establish ASHY as a multidimensional global yoga university (dedicated to the practice and study of Anusara yoga). Including:

    • The translation of our website and documents into multiple languages.
    • Annual Global and regional events/conferences.
    • Specialized Anusara yoga curriculums that stand alone (For example: Yoga Therapist training, Restorative Yoga training, Life Coach training, etc…)

Court terme: Créer une stratégie de marketing pour augmenter la clientèle ASHY:

Une part qui inclurait:

    • Encourager et assister les professeurs certifiés à organiser des immersions et formations de professeurs dans leurs communautés
    • Compléter le curriculum de formation de professeur 300-heures 
    • Tendre la main à la plus grande communauté de yoga et être reconnue en participant aux conférences régionales et internationales de yoga, en plus d’augmenter la clientèle du site internet ASHY (ie: ouvrir une boutique en ligne) 

Long terme: Établir le ASHY en tant qu’université de yoga multidimensionnelle et globale (dédiée à la pratique et à l’étude du yoga Anusara).  Incluant:

  • La traduction de notre site internet et de nos documents en plusieurs langues
  • Événements-conférences Annuels Globaux et Régionaux
  • Développement des curriculums spécialisé (Par exemple:  Formation de yoga thérapeutique, formation de yoga restorative et formation de « Life Coaching », etc…)



Kai Hill, Germany

kai hill

Kai was born and raised in Berlin, Germany and Born in Berlin / Germany November 3rd 1966.

Academic Background:
1990 Management at Business School AKAD University Germany
1999 sociology / mass media communication / fundraising at University of California Los Angeles / UCLA
Business Background:
1995 Foundation of advertising agency “starcompany Inc. (GmbH) – a galaxy of communication”

2002 Foundation of pharma consulting agency “starcompany healthcare”

2006 Foundation of the developing organization “stars of tomorrow – perspectives for children South Africa“
2010 Anusara Teacher Training in Berlin
2011 Overtake of the Berlin based Anusara yoga studio „CityYoga“
2013 Foundation of the Anusara yoga studio „ yogatribe”
1. What is it about Anusara Yoga that keeps you practicing Anusara Yoga specifically?
I had my first contact with Ansuara Yoga in a teacher orientated Anusara Yoga workshop with John Friend in San Diego.
This week redefined my whole yoga experience. Since then I am overwhelmed by the heart orientated Anusara Yoga method as well as the kula worldwide.
I love to practice and teach  the Universal Principles of Alignment.
2.What skills or experience do you being to the Board of Directors that will help lead the school?
In my 20 years experience as an owner of an advertising agency I was leading campaigns as well as teams both
national and international.
My special skill is to find always a solution to a problem. There is no other way for me to look at things. Challenges are an opportunity.
I can operate in complex ideas as well as structures.
3. What do you see as the short term and long term goals of ASHY?
short term goals:
– more communication
– more transparency
– more gathering
long term goals:
– playing an important role in the expansion of Yoga worldwide
– highest quality as a yoga method
– strong identification with the ideas of the school


Gianni Chavez-Ming, Anusara-inspired yoga teacher, Ecuador

Gianni-Headshot-500x473Gianni Chavez is an Anusara Inspired™ Yoga Teacher, Life Coach and a Human Resources Consultor from Guayaquil, Ecuador. He is an enthusiastic and motivated student of life that love to serve in anything he could. Some of his strengths are organized, committed, proactive, team building and team work. He had experience in administration, marketing, advertising, human resources and training. As a Yoga Teacher he is into philosophy, mythic consciousness, sacred geometry and asana. Anusara Yoga® changed his life, it helped him to get into his heart space and recognize the divine within everyone and everything. One of his dreams is to expand the teachings of Anusara Yoga among the Latin American Region and the world sharing joy, love and unity.

Gianni Chavez es un profesor de yoga Anusara Inspired™, Life Coach y Consultor de Recursos Humanos de Guayaquil, Ecuador. El es un estudiante de la vida entusiasta y motivado que ama servir en lo que puede. Algunas de sus fortalezas son organizado, comprometido, proactivo, que construye equipos de trabajo y que le gusta trabajar en equipo. Tiene experiencia en administracion, marketing, publicidad, recursos humanos y capacitaciones. Como profesor de yoga gusta de la filosofia, la conciencia mitica, la geometria sagrada y el asana. Anusara Yoga®  cambio su vida, lo ayudo a entrar en el espacio de su corazon y a reconocer la divinidad en todos y en todo. Uno de sus sueños es expandir las enseñanzas de Anusara Yoga en la region Latinoamericana y en el mundo compartiendo dicha, amor y union.
1. What is it about Anusara Yoga that keeps you practicing Anusara Yoga specifically? 
Anusara Yoga es una puerta de acceso a nuestra sabiduria interior, a ese reconocimiento del todo. Es una una practica que va mas alla del tapete, que se trasmite de forma directa en tu vida diaria. La filosofia tantrica de Shiva-Shakti y los temas que estan enlazados en las clases tienen un poder excepcional que hace posible que se revele la conciencia de forma sencilla y majestuosa.
Anusara Yoga is a gateway to our inner wisdom, to the recognition of the one in the many. It is a practice that goes beyond the mat, which is transmitted directly into your daily life. The Shiva Shakti Tantric philosophy and themes that are linked in classes have a unique power that enables consciousness to be revealed in a simple and majestic way.
2. What skills or experience do you being to the Board of Directors that will help lead the school? 
My professional experience includes marketing, advertising, customer care, administration and human resources.  I have developed skills in strategic planning, organizing events, team building, team work, those are my offer to the BoD
Mi experiencia profesional incluye marketing, publicidad, servicio al cliente, administracion y recursos humanos. He desarrollado habilidades en planeacion estrategica, oragizacion de eventos, trabajo en equipo, construccion de equipos esas son mis ofertas para el BoD
3. What do you see as the short term and long-term goals of the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga?
I believe in the short term Anusara Yoga will increase their Elements Teachers in a 50%, Inspired teachers in a 25%, Their Certified Teachers in 10%, their Affiliated Studios in a 10%. Will held yearly gatherings in each region and one global gathering. Will be recognize as a 200hr and 300hr Registered Yoga School for the next 3 years.  In long term (5 to 8 years) I believe Anusara Yoga will have their own Yoga Center or Headquarter.
Creo que en el corto tiempo Anusara Yoga va incrementar en un 50% sus profesores con Licencia Elements, 25% con Licencia Inspired, 10% en sus profesores Certificados, 10% en el programa de Estudios Afiliados. Eventos anuales regionales en cada region, y un evento global. Ser reconocida como una Escuela Registrada de Yoga de 200hrs y 300hrs en los siguientes 3 años. A largo plazo (5 a 8 años) creo que Anusara Yoga va a tener su propio Centro de Yoga o Sede Principal.


Bill Dorigan, Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher, Colorado

Bill office_2

Bill is a trial attorney and a certified Anusara yoga teacher. After a background in athletics, including college football, and martial arts (Bill holds three black belts), he turned to yoga when he realized that trial tactics and flurries of kicks wouldn’t garner many lasting friendships. He began in the Iyengar tradition, graduated from Corepower’s training and eventually discovered Anusara yoga. Drawn to Anusara’s combination of rigorous alignment and focus on heart-oriented philosophy, Bill knew he had found his passion. In addition to the rigorous study required to become a Certified Anusara yoga teacher, Bill obtained a Master’s in Human Development in 2005 focusing on the integration of yoga philosophy and behavioral psychology. He is the author of a book on the every-day application of yoga philosophy, and is completing a philosophy manual for teachers.  Bill is a regular lecturer on how yoga’s lessons can be used to create a more meaningful, flourishing life. To learn more, visit his website: www.findingthemidline.com

1.  What is it about Anusara Yoga that keeps you practicing and studying Anusara Yoga specifically?

 Proper alignment is very important to me in terms of maximizing a pose’s potency to improve health and also cultivate spiritual and psychological growth. The true magic of Anusara is its theme-based instruction in which it couples alignment instruction with a theme based on some aspect of character development.  As I describe in my book Finding the Midline, which is based on the transformative power of Anusara, modern behavioral psychology demonstrates we really can re-wire ourselves to create a life of well-being. From my personal experience, Anusara is an incredibly effective methodology for doing so.

2.  What skills or experience do you bring to the Board of Directors that will help lead the school?

I’ve been a certified Anusara teacher since 2007 and have focused extensively in developing a working knowledge of the practical applications of our wonderful philosophy.  That said, I’ve remained attentive to alignment training, continuing to study with top Iyengar teachers we are blessed with in Denver so as to increase my understanding of alignment.  The thing that sets me apart, though, from other highly qualified teachers is my well-over 30 years as a trial attorney.  It isn’t the trial work per se that enhances my ability to be a good director. Rather, it is the decades of working with clients to resolve disputes as peacefully as possible ranging from intellectual property matters, partnership dissolutions, corporate battles, and business disruption, as well as designing statutory and regulatory schemes for governmental agencies.  These skills are vital for running any organization that seeks to make a difference in the world.

3. What do you see as the short term and long-term goals of the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga?

The short-term goals include finalizing a philosophy curriculum and an alignment/instruction curriculum, both at the immersion level and for teacher licensing.  We must be sure that our teacher evaluation system is set up to ensure that our licenses are highly regarded.   Once we have in place our statement of who we are as a methodology, we then need to continue to attract the very top teachers in philosophy and asana which includes reaching out to teachers who left Anusara and who would benefit ASHY should they choose to return.  I also believe we need to operate a continuing education system.