2020-2021 Application and Licensing Fees

License LevelOne-Time Application Fee
Annual License Fee
Anusara Elements Teacher$130.00 USD$115.00 USD
Anusara Inspired Teacher$200.00 USD$165.00 USD
Certified Anusara Teacher$600.00 USD$275.00 USD
Experienced Certified Anusara Teacher$300.00 USD$375.00 USD
Other fees:
Subject Matter Specialist
Anusara Teacher
$200.00 USD$115.00 USD
Subject Matter Specialist
Non-Anusara Teacher
$200.00 USD$200.00 USD
Late-Renewal Fee
(Late 1-60 days)
$25.00 USD*
Reinstatement Processing Fee$65.00 USD

* Receive a $10 credit when you renew within the first 30 days of your renewal date.