2021 USA Annual Appeal

A BIG Thank You

The Anusara School of Hatha Yoga started with a simple idea: harness the passion, intensity and connectivity of our life-affirming philosophy to provide dynamic programming, professional development and an inclusive international community. The Divine Presence is within each one of us. Your support makes that idea a growing reality.

Our work supports teachers who serve diverse populations. For example, Anusara is easily adapted for young people with special needs who are able to better manage their anxiety. Through the practice of asana, pranayama and relaxation, they have gained more confidence and improved their physical balance.

What We Accomplished Together Over the Last Year

During the past year, the School has accomplished so much in the spirit of our annual theme of Renewing the Heart–Hridaya Navikarana–during an ongoing global pandemic, including:

  • A new vision statement: Awakening hearts, illuminating minds, strengthening bodies from the roots of yoga in recognition of the sacred in all beings
  • New Therapeutic Application of Anusara Yoga–A Guide for Teachers
  • A new membership structure that welcomes our teachers and Friends of Anusara
  • Training, guidance and philosophy for our 780 licensed teachers 
  • 140 participants, presenters from 15 countries and classes in 6 languages at Samavesha 2021 Online
  • New vendor discounts for members
  • Online resources for all levels of teachers, including a new mentoring program
  • A new Anusara representative in China
  • Expanded Internet presence

Our Goals

The School will continue to support our international teaching and student population. With your help, we will reach our primary goals: support and produce more national and regional events; increase educational offerings; support teachers who offer Anusara to diverse populations; and to expand our community to become more diverse and inclusive. All this is possible through the work of teacher volunteers, the School’s paid staff (6 part-time), license fees, and your donations and support.

I hope that your own experiences and appreciation for the School’s efforts to educate and expand its reach will inspire you to contribute today.

Thank you for considering making the Anusara School a priority for your giving this holiday season.


John Seelye

Board President

Anusara School of Hatha Yoga