300-Hour Teacher Training or Module Registration Form

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A registered Anusara yoga training

  • Is described & promoted as an Anusara® Yoga event in your marketing materials and social media campaigns, using the current Anusara School of Hatha Yoga logo and branding guidelines;
  • Teaches the Anusara curriculum and uses current manuals purchased from the School;
  • Provides student contact information to the School (with the student’s permission) at the end of each event so the School can congratulate them on their accomplishments and to inform them about how the School can serve them in their careers as teachers of Anusara yoga.
  • Prepares students for the Anusara Elements™ yoga teacher license and approval of RYT-200 status with Yoga Alliance;
  • Includes remittance of 2.5% of the teacher’s income from each training to the School within 30 days of the start of the training.

The following 4 questions will be helpful information for the School.

Co-teachers must be fully qualified and approved by the School as an SMS (Subject Matter Specialist) or a CATT in order to teach a required module as part of the 300-Hour curriculum.

After submitting this form to register your training, please send a copy of your flyer or email with your event details to Ory Brown at ory@anusarayoga.com. She will post your training on the the School’s Event webpage for you. Your event will not be posted until Ory receives all relevant information. Should it be necessary to cancel your training, please notify Ory immediately at ory@anusarayoga.com to update the Events page.

At the start of your training, you will be required to send Ory Brown ory@anusarayoga.com a list of the attendees (assuming you have received their approval) and provide 2.5% of the income collected for this training. You will then receive an invoice to pay the 2.5%, which you will need to pay within 30 days.

If your training is cancelled or rescheduled, please contact Ory Brown to update our records and the website.

Don't forget to place your order in advance for manuals using your teacher discount!

Thank you for registering your training!