Anusara Global Kula – What’s happening in Santiago? – 5th Edition Anusara Marga

What’s happening in Santiago?

Carolina Ramirez’s most recent 200-hr training in Chile ended in July, and immediately her students began applying for the Elements.  All 19 of those recommended have become a wave of new Latin American Elements teachers!

Carolina writes “For me it was an amazing experience. Being part of someone’s transformation, walking with them all the way back home was a process that filled my heart.

I had an amazing group and they created a beautiful bond, a beautiful Kula.

They all did an impeccable final exam, with commitment and devotion, and I feel very grateful and proud to be a witness of their blooming and see how they will spread the Anusara seeds in the world.

They all applied for their Elements license because we all worked really hard. They had a deep commitment to the process and to the the teachings. The license was the closing of that cycle, and the beginning of the next step.”

The School will watch as these new teachers grow in experience and step up to the Inspired license in 2 years!

Here is a group picture of the proud graduates!