Anusara Fundraising – 4th Edition Anusara Marga

I am Anusara Fundraising report

John Seelye
Certified Anusara® yoga Teacher
President Board of Directors, Anusara School of Hatha Yoga


Dear Anusara Teachers,

The “I am Anusara” fundraising events that were held worldwide during the spring were a milestone for the future of the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga (ASHY).

The School is now a teacher-led nonprofit organization whose primary purpose is to support and expand Anusara teachings worldwide through an array of events, retreats, trainings and daily classes.

As a nonprofit organization, donations are a new and vital opportunity and resource to express support for the School’s survival, health and growth. Thank you to the 18 friends, students and teachers who participated in this year’s I Am Anusara fundraising campaign by holding an event in support of

In total, the School received $4,363 USD between March 1st  and July 9th.

I am struck by the high percentage of teachers from Italy who participated in this campaign, both last year and this year. Perhaps this is because the “Anusarians” of Italy had already naturally rallied together and chose to create a community of mutual support based on their love for and the beauty of Anusara.

The Anusara teachers in Italy demonstrate by example what it means to be a teacher-led, nonprofit, international yoga organization. They have demonstrated and taken to heart the mantra “I am Anusara” as a group and as individuals.

This manifests in the following ways:

  • A deep understanding of community and mutual support, which requires regular participation by teachers to remain vibrant and growing
  • A deep appreciation of the fact the School cannot rely solely on license fees to sustain, support and grow licensed Anusara teachers around the world and the thousands of students they touch every day
  • Regular meetings as a group
  • An annual gathering
  • A leadership group comprised of 3 teachers who play a leadership role within the Italian Anusara kula
  • An Anusara website in Italian
  • A strong and committed Country Coordinator who works to stay in touch with all Anusara teachers in Italy
  • Two representatives on the Board of Directors

Communities from other countries and regions can benefit from Italy’s experience as those of us elsewhere set intentions to build similar bonds among our own Anusara teachers in our own countries and communities and to link those teachers back to the School in meaningful ways.

With hope for what is to come and great gratitude for what already is,

John Seelye
Board of Directors
Anusara School of Hatha Yoga


An Experience of Gratitude

Lucilla Stefoni
Anusara Elements™ teacher



It was written in the stars that I would meet Anusara in my life. A long time has passed since the beginning.

My Chinese art gallery was in a small street in the very center of Rome. Just in front of it, one day Laura Casini begun to teach… Anusara! I had already practiced other yoga styles, but when I discovered Anusara, I felt that something completely different was taking place within me through my teacher’s words in class.

It was natural for my body to follow these new sensations and the new method. Anusara ignited a revolution within my life and represented a completely new beginning. The more my body aligned outside, the more a clear spiritual path revealed itself within me.

Phrases such as “be in the Flow” or “follow the heart” now have a deeper sense that is reflected in my practice. To me, they mean to stay present and be aware of every movement in my physical body.

I recently became an Anusara Elements™ teacher after completing the Immersion and the 100-Hour Teacher Training. Now I teach yoga, and my life is moving in a completely new and joyful direction!

This is why I was so pleased to take part in the “I am Anusara” fundraising campaign at Spazio Vitale, the Anusara yoga Affiliated Studio in Rome where I live. It was the opportunity to give back to Anusara for transforming my life in such an amazing way. The class was the full expression of the three most important aspects of Anusara: the principles, the philosophy, and the community (kula).

The class brought together not only the community of Anusara yoga practitioners, but also the studio’s Anusara Yoga teachers who decided to lead the class together or to offer their earnings from the entire week!

Laura’s, Claudia’s, Roberta’s and Teresa’s teachings were an experience of generous teaching–a gift of joy. I am so grateful to them. At the end of the class, we chanted and looked into each other’s eyes to see the brightness of ours hearts scintillating.

The “I am Anusara” fundraising campaign unites the Anusara kula worldwide to support the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga through events in many yoga studios in the world.

I felt honored to be part of one of these events because the Anusara Yoga path could improve and make a revolution into students’ lives. Anusara is extremely efficient in aligning the body and leading people to live its philosophy in everyday moments, thus creating a conscious meditation while moving in daily life.

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