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Adam Ballanger

Adam Ballenger

Adam has a long background of applying modern kinesiology to classical asana practice as well as applying classical philosophical concepts to the study of Anatomy, BioMechanics and Kinesiology for Asana.  Adam has a BS in Exercise Science (emphasis in Kinesiology) from Arizona Statue University and has recently reached his 25th year of yoga practice.  In addition to Adam’s background in movement science and yoga Adam has also endeavored in various styles of yoga, movement and exercise, learning and applying techniques for better movement and healthier movement.  In a strange twist of fate, Adam’s history of sports, auto and just plain strange injuries and illnesses have provided him with decades of personal practice and learning about movement performance, movement rehabilitation and prevention of movement issues such as long term and overuse injuries.  To add to this background is a long practice in meditation and mindfulness that can easily be applied to the practice of movement.  Adam also enjoys the challenge of continuing to learn from what modern science has to say about our bodies, how they are built and good ways to use them.

2017 Advanced Teacher trainings:

Anatomy, BioMechanics and Kinesiology with the Loops of Ansuara Yoga

Anatomy, BioMechanics and Kinesiology with the Spirals of Anusara Yoga

Anatomy, BioMechanics and Kinesiology with the UPA’s of Anusara Yoga

Active Aging Yoga, how to apply the UPA’s for healthier and effective teaching for Seniors

Contact Adam:

AdamBallengerYoga@comcast.net, Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/adam.ballenger?ref=br_rs