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Amy Abelson

Amy operates from the understanding that as human beings, we can align with the power of consciousness to reveal and manifest the heart’s deepest longings. For the past 30 years she has been practicing and teaching yoga, meditation, contemplation, and self-inquiry, as a way to engage this creative power in the quest to be more fully alive, playful, creative, and compassionate. She especially loves to practice and offer Contemplation, Self-Inquiry and Visualization to anchor our knowledge more deeply into our beings.
She came to Anusara in 2002 when she studied with Barrie Risman in India and started teaching Anusara Yoga in 2008.  As an Anusara Certified teacher, administrator, and mentor, Amy helps individuals realize the deepest longings that comprise their vision for life, love and work. As a Certified Advanced Teacher Trainer, she hopes to nurture teachers to be themselves more fully and become powerful transformers for raising consciousness, alleviating suffering and creating a Lakshmi world.
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