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Jayendra Hanley


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I began practicing hatha yoga and meditation a long time ago, and I’m amazed at how we continue to learn and grow in our practice, teaching, and in all of life. I’m from the U.S., and I’ve lived in Europe the last 12 years, where I’ve taught approximately twenty Immersions and Teacher Trainings in the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, and England. I live in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, where I teach at Bindi Yoga Studio.





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Since ASHY got started over 3 years ago, I have been assisting European teachers through the certification process, and for the last two years, I have served as co-coordinator of the Anusara Curriculum team. Our group created an amazing curriculum for our new 300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training. I began my first ATT in April 2016, and the twenty students and myself are having a great time taking this next big step in our education and teaching together. Since Anusara began in 1997, I’ve been studying the core elements of Anusara methodology, and it’s a pleasure to take that knowledge to the next level through the ATT. Also, as a student of Paul Mueller-Ortega’s Shaiva Tantra and Neelakantha Meditation, I really enjoy sharing the practice of meditation and the whole spectrum of yoga philosophy.

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Amersfoort, the Netherlands

home studio: Bindi Yoga Studio, web is bindi.nu



Schedule of Jayendra’s upcoming Anusara Certified Advanced Teacher Training Modules:

June 25-26            Teaching with a Theme I

Sept 10-11            Teaching Pranayama with Bridget Woods-Kramer

Oct 29-30            Teaching with the Universal Principles of Alignment II



Jan 21-22            Yoga for Women with Bridget Woods-Kramer

Mar 11-12            Teaching with a Theme II

April 22-23            Sequencing I

June 14-18            Philosophy (Required: Pratyabhijnahrdayam): 5 day retreat with Bill Mahony

Sept 30 – Oct 1            Yoga for Seniors with Jim Bernaert

Oct 19-22            Teaching Meditation and Observation and Adjustments I: 4-day retreat with Jim Bernaert

December 2-3            Sequencing II



April 14-15            Observation and Adjustments II

June 16-17            Anusara Methodology weekend with co-mentoring non-contact hours