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Keric Morinaga


Keric Morinaga

I started practicing yoga in 2002 and discovered Anusara about a year later. I was certified in 2010 and became a Certified Advanced Teacher Trainer in 2016. I love the non-dual Tantric philosophy and believe wholeheartedly in the Universal Principles of Alignment. I have stayed on the Anusara path since the beginning of my journey. My intention as an Advanced Certified Advanced Teacher Trainer is to rebuild the Anusara community in the Los Angeles area. I own Urth Yoga, an Anusara affiliated yoga studio, and I have cultivated a staff of teachers on the Anusara path, including several Anusara Inspired and Anusara Elements teachers. I have trained most of the teachers and I am in the process of training the next generation of teacher trainers.

My intention as a yoga teacher has always been to be the best local yoga teacher that I can be. I was never interested in being an international ‘rockstar’ yoga teacher. I feel that I am at my best teaching well-attended, but not crowded, regular classes. I like knowing students by name. I like knowing their practices and their lives. I teach at my best when I have a personal connection with my students. This is also true about my teacher trainings and teacher trainees. I may not be the most popular or the most experienced or the most knowledgeable teacher trainer. My trainings are not packed. But I am deeply connected to each of my trainees. I know them. They know me. We have strong connections. I am available to my trainees outside of the training. Our relationships continue beyond the training. This is what makes my yoga teacher trainings special. Every Anusara immersion and teacher training that I have led has been a group of 12 students or less. In the current 300 hour, advanced teacher training, I am working with just 3 advanced teacher trainees. They all teach regularly at Urth Yoga.

My intention for my teacher trainees is to be able to teach yoga classes that are practical, relevant, safe, healing, and fun. Students feel better after one class and continue to feel better and better over time, no matter where they started. Yoga gives them the tools and skills to live happier, healthier, and more productive lives. Students take their practices off of the yoga mat and into their daily lives, expanding awareness and joy!



Urth Yoga, 2809 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA  90026.  (213)483-9642.  www.UrthYoga.com www.Keric.com


Urth Yoga 300 Hour Advanced Teacher Training – July 2016 to June 2017.  Meets 2 weekends per month.  Not currently open to new trainees.

Urth Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training – Fall 2017