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Lalla Turske


Lalla Turske  lalla_6_web

Lalleshvari’s yogic path commenced in 1997. She has been teaching yoga and meditation since 2001. Her students experience balance, safeness, expertise and know-how as a result of her ongoing curiosity. This motivates her to proceed, to read between the lines and to discover the unknown. Even before becoming deeply involved in Yoga, she chose to discover the „OTHER“ and studied social anthropology in Zurich and psychotherapy in Germany. As social anthropologist she lived and worked in different parts of the world. Her love for and her deep interest in human being and human condition mark her life.

Lalla teaches yoga and meditation as her way to aproach the world with realistic reverence seeing always the bigger potential in each student. Her experience as psychotherapist helps to teach yoga with a wider view. Her classes and workshops are a masterful and inspiring blend of precise alignment and attention for the flow of energy to connect body, mind and heart. This celebration of smooth and still powerful teaching allows her students to experience themselves in a deep way to gain orientation for their everydays life.

Lalleshvari (E-RYT 500) is the first german speaking certified Anusara Yoga® teacher. She is the founder, together with Vilas, of the parApara YogaAkademie, a hub for inspiration and orientation. As a Certified Anusara Teacher Trainer (CATT) Lalla teaches basic and +300 teachertrainings as well as teachertrainings in HoYo (hormon yoga).

Currently Lalla teaches classes, workshops, trainings and retreats in Berlin/Potsdam, the home of the parApara yogaAkademie, as well as many other cities in Europe.

Lalla und Vilas-Class