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Robin Christ

My journey as a seeker on the Path of Yoga began early in life and was brought into the light of clarity when I met and received diksha from my beloved Guru in 1975 and became a lifelong practitioner of Surat Shabd Yoga (Yoga of Sound and Light).  After spending years diving deeply into the meditational aspect of the yogic practices, I discovered Anusara Yoga in 2008 and was astonished at the spiritual depth of this elegant and refined asana practice.  I decided after my very first Anusara class that it would be my life’s mission to share this beautiful meditational ‘body prayer’ practice as well as the powerful Tantric Philosophy that underlies it with others, so I signed up for my 200 hour Anusara Immersion and Teacher Training that very day.

Since then I have devoted the past decade to passionately deepening my own studies and my personal practice, as well as teaching Anusara Yoga and training teachers as my seva and my legacy.  I earned my Inspired status 2011, was among the first to be Certified by the newly formed Anusara School of Hatha Yoga in 2014 and am currently a SMS in Philosophy and a CATT.

My approach to teaching and training teachers has always been deeply steeped in the spiritual and philosophical traditions of the yogic practice and I am dedicated to encouraging continuing growth towards spiritual awakening in all of my students –guiding them towards the strengthening and refining of the ‘vessel’ so that they may courageously and wholeheartedly hold the Light and be of service to all Beings.

I live and teach in San Diego California.

email: robinc7755@gmail.com

My next 100 Hour Immersion: January -March, 2019

My next 100 Hour Teacher Training: June-July 2019



300 Hour Trainings currently TBD