Become an Anusara Yoga Teacher

Join the ranks of the world’s most highly trained yoga instructors transforming the world.

A commitment to excellence

Anusara training guarantees quality yoga instruction.

An Anusara yoga teacher’s main intention is to serve each and every student of all ages and levels. Our teachers are trained on multiple levels: yogic history and philosophy, biomechanics, anatomy and refined teaching skills. They are dedicated to helping their students discover their own innate goodness, worthiness, and Divine nature.
Anusara yoga teachers are known for their light-hearted approach to teaching. Trained on many levels they are skillful in approaching the more challenging aspects of life that we are faced with. With a mix of lightheartedness and gravitas they create a playful environment while honoring the diversity of their community.

The Anusara School of Hatha Yoga

Our School offers one of the most comprehensive teacher training programs in the world. Our School offers various training programs including a 200-hour teacher training and 300-hour advanced teacher training. Annual yoga gatherings and trainings, as well as online courses, keep your knowledge fresh and creative. Our community of teachers form a yogic family, or kula. As a community of teachers, we support each other in our continued personal and professional development, and seek to improve the lives of others.

The Anusara School of Hatha Yoga and Yoga Alliance

Our School is recognized as a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School (RYS). As such, both our 200-hr teacher training and 300-hour advanced teacher trainings fulfill and exceed the basic requirements set by Yoga Alliance. For our students, this means that you may be eligible for dual membership with both organizations: our School and Yoga Alliance, provided your Anusara teacher trainer is also a licensed member of both organizations. For Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teachers (E-RYT 500) this means that you may be eligible to list under our School’s RYS and offer your students an approved training curriculum provided you also hold an Anusara yoga license and are approved to lead teacher trainings.

Apply your previous yoga teacher training towards a license in Anusara yoga

Do you have training in another style of yoga and want to specialize in teaching Anusara yoga? If yes, we are excited to offer the 36-hour Anusara Bridge Program for yoga teachers, like you, who hold a 200-hour yoga teaching certificate in another style of yoga. This intensive program serves the following teachers:

  • Teachers who have completed a 200-hour teacher training in a style other than Anusara, this program serves as a bridge (or prerequisite) into our advanced teacher training, the 300-hour Anusara teacher training program. Once the 300-hour program is completed, teachers can apply for an Anusara-Inspired teaching license.
  • For currently licensed Anusara teachers, this program serves as an intensive review of the foundations of Anusara yoga but is not a mandatory prerequisite for entry into the 300-hour Anusara teacher training program.
  • The 36 hours count towards the elective credit hours that teachers must earn to complete the program.

For all teachers, the 36 hours counts towards the elective credit portion of the 300-hour teacher training.

The Anusara School of Hatha Yoga offers 4 levels of licensing in its professional development continuum.

The Anusara Elements license is designed for those teachers completing one of our school’s 100-hour Immersion and the 100-hour Teacher Training. They have earned the recommendation of their teacher to have proficiency in teaching the basic elements of an Anusara yoga class.

The Anusara-Inspired license is designed for teachers who have experience teaching yoga and have completed the prerequired training in Anusara yoga.

The Certified Anusara yoga teacher license is designed for teachers who have at least 500-hours of training (including the 300-hour Anusara teacher training) and a minimum of 2 years as an Anusara-Inspired yoga teacher. Certified teachers are permitted to offer workshops on the Universal Principles of Alignmentand upon approval, can begin leading teacher trainings.

The title of Experienced Certified Anusara yoga teacher is available for Certified teachers who have extensive Anusara teacher training experience. It is a professional title that certifies teachers to lead all or part of the 300-hour Advanced Anusara Teacher Training.  This license also provides an additional professional credential and is a great next step in the path of teaching excellence.

Overview of the Anusara yoga teacher's path

Do you have a specialty to offer in training Anusara teachers?

As a part of our 300-Hour Teacher Training, the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga offers a teaching role called Subject Matter Specialist (SMS). A SMS is someone who has a specialty offering related to the teaching and/or practice of yoga, that will enhance a trainee’s education and contribute to their excellence as a teacher of Anusara Yoga.

An SMS can teach elective subjects in the 300-Hour Teacher Training, such as Ayurveda or Sanskrit. An SMS can also teach six (4) of the nine (9) required modules: Philosophy, Anatomy, Teaching Meditation, Teaching Pranayama. An ECAT must teach the other five (5) required modules.

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