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Being a County Coordinator is a blast! Now seeking a new coordinator for the USA!

Calling All Creative and Collaborative Souls in the USA! Anusara is looking for our next USA Country Coordinator.. It is not only an honor and a privilege to serve in this position – it’s great fun!!  As Country Coordinator, you are one of the prime intersection points of Anusara’s international web, meeting with Country Coordinators […]

Anusara Around the World

Our robust network of amazing volunteer Country Coordinators play a vital role in the School! They keep information flowing from the teachers in their country to the School’s Board of Directors, staff, and committees. They also communicate important information from the School and the Board to teachers. This two-way communication helps us all stay connected […]

That Specific Day

By Ania O’Connor Anusara Element™ Yoga Teacher     I remember that day very well – the day I was introduced to Anusara Yoga. I had been practicing yoga for over ten years, at times more intensively and regularly than others. I’d even had thoughts of becoming a yoga teacher someday. I had just […]

Through the Lens of Abundance

By Jeannine Plaiche Certified Anusara® Yoga Teacher, Director of Professional Development     I am more than excited to be in this new role as Director of Professional Development (PD). Although I have been a volunteer with the School since 2013, sitting in the director’s chair has given me a new perspective and appreciation for […]

The Value of the Kula in Challenging Times: “The Italian Kula Strategy”

By Maria Grazia Orlando Certified Anusara® Yoga Teacher At the 2019 Teacher’s Gathering, the Italian Kula made important decisions to support a growing and expanding community by improving its organization. An Executive Committee formed by 3 teachers (1 Elements, 1 Inspired and 1 Certified) and the 2 Country Coordinators with the support of an ASHY […]