Certification Process Improvements

Dear Certification Assessors and Candidates with an Assessor:

Warm greetings to you. I hope that everyone is doing well. As you know, I have the role to support our Inspired teachers as they go through the certification process.

First, I would like to thank our Certification Assessors who give so much of their time to support the candidates with their knowledge, skill, experience, and supportive hearts.

I’m writing to all assessors and certification candidates who have an assessor to share with you two updates in the certification process.

1. We have added a step in the video assessment process in order to improve communication of our expectations regarding the class video and to begin the dialogue about teaching Anusara Yoga before filming the first class. The new step is that before making a class video, candidates are now creating a Class Plan and sharing it with their assessor.

a. Sample Class Planning Templates are available in the Teachers Lounge of the Anusara website, or the assessor and candidate may have one that you prefer to use. It is recommended that the candidate choose a template of their preference, asking for guidance from the assessor when needed.

b. Candidate fills it out, shares it with the assessor, and you have an online discussion about it. The purpose of this is for the assessor to be clear with the candidate about what we expect to see in the class video and for the assessor to mentor the teacher in areas, such as theme, heart quality, and sequence leading to apex pose.

c. When the candidate actually records a class, they do not have to use the same video that was shared in the Class Plan, but by sharing a class plan with the assessor, they can gain skill in planning their classes.

d. After recording the class, we ask the candidate to view the recording and fill out the Universal Class Assessment form (UCAF)/ Self-Assessment. The candidate can familiarize themselves with the Universal Class Assessment Form (UCAF) well before this because it is located on the website in the teachers lounge under “resources”. The UCAF was created to provide transparent, objective and clear standards for an Anusara class. There are two sections one is Observation (three or more no’s the teacher will need to continue with the process) and Artistic (teacher needs to score outstanding or exceptional).

2. During this time of social distancing, it may not be possible to record a live class with at least six students, so for now, the candidate can record a Zoom class, showing the gallery of the students and send the recording to the assessor. We are requesting that the Assessor take the class live then review the recorded Zoom video. In this format, we are not able to show our Observation and Adjustment skills like in a live class, but at this time, we need to make an exception so that candidates can still move forward.

a. Another possibility is for the candidate to film a class with one or two family members who you are already spending time with. This also is not ideal for showing Observation and Adjustment skills, but it is an acceptable alternative for now.

I am attaching a chart that lists the steps in the certification process, with the new steps bolded. This chart is also being place in the Teachers Lounge. If you have any questions about any of this, please let me know. May our practices continue to support us and our students during challenging times.

In health,
Cara Zaruba Butler
Director of Professional Development, Anusara School of Hatha Yoga

May 5, 2020

Certification Process May5 2020