Community Resiliency Team


Cultivate Compassion & Inspire Collaboration



The Community Resiliency (CR) team helps to ensure harmonious relationships throughout the School’s five global regions by ensuring that it’s global community has the support and skills needed to foster compassionate communication at all levels of interaction.

Members of the CR team have experience in community support and working with others to find equitable solutions to situations that present the all too common difficulties of being in collaborative relationships. Involvement in the team is a powerful way to participate in our Anusara community and contribute your skills in the growth and development of the School and its international kula (family) of students and teachers.

The School is now accepting applications for those wishing to serve Asia, Canada, Europe, and Latin America by being on the School’s Community Resiliency Team. Please note: Members of the CR Team are highly encouraged to read and implement the skills of mediation in the Mediate Your Life manual by mediation and conflict resolution experts John Kinyon and Ike Lasater.


The Community Resiliency Team Members:

Team Leader: Tiffany Wood, Park City, Utah, USA

Yoga is looking within and loving what’s there.  The path of yoga began in 1996 for Tiffany and has opened her to the gifts of tenacity, surrender, and reverence for life. She is passionate about helping people dive into the power of radical self-acceptance. A Certified Anusara© yoga teacher, she holds space for an integrated approach to living life with skill.  Tiffany draws upon experience from owning a small business, extensive training as a body worker, life coach, and shamanic healing arts.


Will Doran, Seattle, WA, USA

Will is a Certified Anusara yoga teacher who began his yoga journey in 1998.  He has extensive experience in business management, customer support, and interpersonal relationship guidance.  Will has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington Jackson School of International Studies (with a major in Latin American studies),  is certified as a Professional Life Coach, has seven years of computer retail sales management, and has served for over twenty five years as a board of directors member for his family’s corporate business.  His life philosophy aligns and resonates with ASHY’s core values of recognizing the sacred in the heart of all beings.


Debbi J. Payne

“Anger and resentment can be powerful Self-care tools. Through NVC, I’ve learned that these feelings are messages from universal needs that I’m ignoring.” DJP

Debbi J. Payne is a retired Town Justice, former School Board Member, Mediation Educator, and Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Trainer. She was attracted to dispute resolution early in life while observing her parent’s arguments. As a single mother, she gave up a career of cleaning bathrooms in the middle of the night to return to school, acquired a Paralegal AAS, History BA and a Masters in Adult Ed. Her faith in the connection of everything is regularly tested and affirmed.  The most significant affirmation occurred during her on going experience with Chronic Lyme.

Debbi has practiced Anusara Yoga for 9 years and studied NVC for almost 2 decades. She lives with the love of her life Jerry, her son, Shane and rescued dog, Amber.


Community Resiliency Team Member Job Description.

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