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Community Resiliency

               Request for Support Form


 Thank you for taking time to complete this form. By hitting SEND your message will be sent to Cat McCarthy, Community Resiliency Team Leader; she is also available at A team member will be in touch with you within three (3) business days of receipt of this request for GUIDANCE.

The Community Resiliency Team (CRT) is here to support Anusara members in more skillfully communicating within the Anusara kula to maintain mutual respect and responsibility while growing and building communities locally and globally. The CRT is not here to police Anusara members and we do not make policy decisions.

Your input and request will be treated with utmost confidentiality and respect for your privacy.

To read the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga’s  Compassionate Communication Framework document CLICK HERE.



Please consider these thoughts regarding self empathy:

We enter conflict with others because we are attempting to meet a need by creating a strategy that involves another person. When we are attempting to get our needs met by another person, and believe that our needs can only be met by the other person doing, or not doing something, we have entered a potential conflict. When we make other people responsible for meeting our needs, we are creating “Demand Energy.”   This strategy may work, however, Marshall Rosenberg states in Nonviolent Communication that you will pay for it: others tend to resent being a strategy; when resentment builds up, life is less than wonderful.

Skillfully navigating conflict requires practicing the skill of self-empathy when you are not in conflict. By practicing when we are not in conflict, we are avoiding the fight-flight-freeze modes that conflict creates if we don’t practice self-empathy. Our ability to determine our feelings and needs through self-empathy can be empowering.

During times when you are experiencing your needs being met, observe your body sensations, what you can see, hear? Identify the feelings and the needs being met. As you savor the met need, explore a request of yourself that will give you the experience of having that need met again in the future. A request is positive, doable, specific and future oriented.

An example of this is:   I enjoy walking outside in nature, my observations when I do so are the colors I see, the sounds that I hear and the relaxation that I sense in my body. The feelings stimulated are joy, energetic, satisfied, connected (with nature). The needs being met are rejuvenation, autonomy, balance. A request that I might make of myself is: Am I willing to set aside time in the next 24 hours to walk outside again?

Do this exercise at least 3 times a day for 21 days using only life affirming experiences prior to attempting it during a less than wonderful life experience.


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