CONGRATULATIONS to our amazing teachers at all levels!

May 2021


Mingyang Chen (Singapore)

Teacher Trainer: Bo Srey

Keiko Asai (Japan)

Teacher Trainer: Mika Chang 

Pilar Garces (Ecuador)

Teacher Trainer: Gianni Chavez

Andrea McDonough (USA)

Teacher Trainer: Rachel Bush

Bianca Rondán Sánchez (Germany)

Teacher Trainer: Barbra Noh

Claire Kincaid-Slate (USA)

Teacher Trainer: Jen Harbour

Qiaoning Lihas (Singapore) 

Teacher Trainer: Bo Srey

Lia Boehnke (Germany)

Teacher Trainers: Birgit Pöltl and Eva Pöschl-Walter


Miho Kimizono (Japan)

Thank you to Mika Chang who was her mentor. 

Ana María Mejía (Columbia)

Thank you to Gianni Chavez who was her mentor.


Congratulations to Bo Shrey from Singapore, who is Anusara’s newest Experienced Certified Anusara teacher (ECAT)!

April 2021

Congratulations to our teachers and thank you to their teacher trainers!


Akiko Yamazaki (Japan)

Teacher Trainer: Mika Chang

From China: 

Chengrong Wang

Chunyi Yang

Jiehui Chen

 Lijuan Hu

Meixian Ao

Rong Yi

Weiye Zhang

Xuan Li

Yifan Liu

Yifeng Xiao

Yuejin Yu

Yuexia Chen

Wenwen Wu

Teacher Trainer: Chen Ya

Tanja Kurz (Germany)

Teacher Trainer: Barbra Noh 

Alessia Frangipane (Italy)

Claudia Di Filippo (Italy)

Teacher Trainer: Piero Vivarelli 

Laura Quintavalla (Italy)

Cristina Pizzo (Italy)

Teacher Trainer: Alessandra di Prampero

Mareile Frei (Germany)

Teacher Trainer: Kai Hill

Chiara Rulli (Italy) reinstated her Elements license!


Welcome back to Certified teacher Julie Dohrman (USA), who reinstated her license!


Aiko Kitachi (Japan)

Yasuhiko Hara (Japan)

Shizuka Tanaka (Japan)

Thanks to Mika Chang who did the class evaluations.

Claudia Sponton (Italy) 

Thanks to Piero Vivarelli who did the class evaluation.  

Maren Brand (Germany) 

Thanks to Christina Lobe who did the class evaluation.

Blanca Navarro from Mexico has just moved up from Elements to the Inspired level! 

Thanks to her mentor Gaby Zermeño.


Sarah Powell (United Kingdom) is Europe’s newest Experienced Certified Anusara Teacher!

March 2021



Anna Poletti (United Kingdom)

Teacher trainer: Bridget Woods Kramer

Sandra Bittencourt (Germany)

Teacher trainer: Barbra Noh

Emma Cartwright (United Kingdom)

Teacher trainer: Sarah Powell 

Nargess Kamali (Germany)

Teacher trainer: Christina Lobe 

Ryoko Shumi (Japan)

Teacher trainer: Mika Chang

Claudia D’Ambrosio (Italy)

Arianna Lombardo (Italy)

Irene Zangheri (Italy)

Teacher Trainer: Piero Vivarelli

Katharina Koch (Germany)

Teacher Trainer: Christina Lobe

Lukas Ochs (Germany)

Teacher Trainer: Barbra Noh

Rhian Durrant-Williams (United Kingdom)

Teacher Trainer: Tiffany Wood

Marianna Bertolazzi (Italy)

Thank you to Alessandra di Prampero for doing the class evaluation!

 Kelly Ryan (Australia) 

Mentor: Cassandra Missio


Heidi Marin (USA)

Welcome back Cat McCarthy (USA), who has just reinstated her Certified license!

Subject Matter Specialist

Martin Svitek, an Elements teacher in Germany, has just become a Subject Matter Specialist in Ayurveda.

February 2021


Verena Hotter (Austria)

Teacher: Barbra Noh

Dominique Forest-Poelman (Germany)

Teacher: Birgit Poeltl

Lilith Borchert (Germany)

Teacher: Kai Hill 

Julia Volker (Germany)

Teacher: Barbra Noh  

Susanne Hartmann (Germany)

Teacher:  Barbra Noh

Simone Becker (Germany) 

Teacher: Birgit Pöltl 

Giulia Gentile (Italy)

Teacher: Piero Vivarelli 

Pierluca Antoniotti (Italy)

Teacher: Piero Vivarelli

Giulia Gentile (Italy)

Teacher: Piero Vivarelli 

Sue Smith (United Kingdom)

Teacher: Sarah Powell


Diletta Pinazzi (Italy) has just moved up from Elements to Inspired status!!  Thanks to Piero Vivarelli, who did the class observation.

ECAT (Experienced Certified Anusara Teacher)

Annie Jacob (USA)  

Laura Casini (Italy)

Caterina Cortellini (Italy)

As a licensing opportunity for Anusara teachers who want to lead and create change from local to global, our ECAT license qualifies teachers to teach ALL levels of Anusara trainings and modules, including 200 and 300 hour trainings as well as therapeutics.