CRT Job Description

Cultivate Compassion & Inspire Collaboration




Provide guidance and support in maintaining mutual respect and responsibility within the members represented region of teachers, practitioners, and students. This involves the ability to clearly implement communications and conflict resolution skills that utilize and implement AHSY’s core values and ethics.


  • Willing to be a successful and contributing member of the team.
  • Understand and implement the Community Relations Team Member job description.
  • Receive basic training in the ASHY
  • Conflict resolution protocol
  • Gradients of Agreement
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Interact and participate with Community Relations Team and Team Leader
  • Participate in monthly meeting. Do we want to initiate a monthly Meeting?
  • Provide brief update on relevant projects and cases.
  • Update the team on proposed and current projects via Basecamp
  • Receive, organize and implement team decisions
  • Take individual case decisions to the Team Leader for approval as needed
  • Follow through on all cases initiated until resolution is mutually embraced by all interested parties
  • Update individual case files on Google Drive
  • Respond to challenges or conflicts within your regional community of ASHY teachers, students and practitioners.
  • Initiate communication with the person(s) involved in the unresolved conflict.
  • Implement the conflict resolution protocol as it pertains to the unique situation.
  • Draw upon ASHY’s core values to guide individuals and groups to resolution


A licensed teacher for 2 years with connections within your region.

  • Communication, team management and leadership skills
  • Mediation & conflict resolution experience suggested
  • Ability to see all sides of the issue and remain neutral
  • Knows when to delegate and when to ask for support
  • A sense of humility and service towards the community