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300-hour Anusara Advanced Teacher Training in New York City

September 8, 2016 - June 11, 2017

The World Yoga Center Advanced Trainings

WYC’s Continuing Education Program presents a 300 hour Advanced Teacher Training designed to support our teachers’ development as teachers and as transmitters of Yoga with the required course work needed for registration at the 500 RYT level. These 300 hours of continued training will be used to explore the breadth and depth of specific areas of teaching, engage trainees more deeply in the practices of Yoga, and refine and hone their teaching skills. The varied expertise of our WYC faculty will be a rich resource for trainees in their continued learning. These 36-60 hour modules, spaced over two years, are available in succession and can be taken individually. Teachers not seeking 500 RYT status and practitioners who are not active teachers are also invited to participate and enjoy the benefits of focused study, and will be welcome in most (if not all) of these advanced TT modules by discretion of the trainers.



The full curriculum for Fall 2016-Spring 2017:

The Art of Class Planning with Jackie, Rudrani and Julia
September 2016

30 hrs: Every great yoga class brings students to their great Self. It holds inspiration, energy transmission and a focused intention. The structure that supports this unfolding is an art that we constantly develop and refine as yoga teachers. This module takes an in-depth look at all that goes into crafting a well thought out and yet spontaneous yoga class. We will clarify and make accessible the different components of class planning, including authentic and straightforward themes that arise from our own inner frontiers of learning and effective and creative sequences

This module aims to build confidence to teach spontaneously within your class plan, knowing what is needed in the moment to co-create an experience with students of love and higher consciousness.


Sept 8-11, 15-18


Thursdays 6-9pm
Saturdays 1-8pm
Sundays 10-4pm



Power of Revelation: Meditation Teacher Training with Rudrani

36 hrs: Meditation is the vital life blood of the path of Yoga. It is a direct connection to the light inside us all. It reduces our sense of identity with thought, increases our aliveness, and aligns us with the luminous intelligence of life. To offer this practice to others will accelerate your inner journey and strengthen your sense of oneness with others.

Sessions will include guiding meditation, and other practices that raise energy. We will enhance skills such as story telling, articulating core teachings, reading energy fields and supporting others personal inquiry.  The POR intends to increases our power to live as disciples of truth and to own our true voice. The course creates strong bonds of mutual well wishing and support.


Thursdays 6:30-9:30pm
Sept 29

Oct 6
Oct 20
Oct 27
Nov 17
Dec 1

Sundays 11-4pm
Oct 30

Nov 13
Dec 4


Anatomy Applied to Asana with Julia

30hrs: Movement brings our structures into being. Understanding these structures helps us refine our movements. The conversation of anatomy and kinesiology is a vibrant one. Learning this language and exploring its inherent questions refines our awareness of our inner workings and cultivates a deepening subtlety in our application of alignment. Through this training we will better serve each body individually as well as honor the human form through a greater appreciation of all that goes into each asana.

Each weekend, the relationships between the bones, joints and muscles will be discussed by region and then embodied through asana based movement explorations. Open to yoga teachers and yoga and movement enthusiasts.


Jan 21-22
Feb 4-5
Feb 11-12
Feb 25-26


Saturdays 1-6
Sundays 1-4


Yoga Therapeutics with Jackie and Julia

36hrs: This four weekend training offers overarching concepts of Therapeutics, providing the practical information needed to navigate and effectively support the therapeutic needs of students and to safely manage their injuries.

The training includes a comprehensive study of how to use the ‘Universal Principles of Alignment’ of Anusara Yoga to invite easefulness and new experiences for students in their body. We will take an in-depth look into the bio-mechanics of anatomy and kinesiology, inquire into the complexity of human physiology, and learn to identify what we are seeing in our students.

Practicums on how to use ‘hands on’ adjustments with clear guidelines and tools, will enable you to support the vast range of injuries that you will meet both in the classroom and in your private practice.


Mar 18-19
Apr 8-9
Apr 15-16
Apr 29-30


Saturdays 1-8
Sundays 1-4


Seniors/Prenatal with Jana and Julia

18 hrs: Two populations that we serve regularly as yoga teachers are seniors and women on the path of childbirth. These workshops (9 hours each over three weekends) will give a comprehensive guide to teaching both populations specifically and within a broader group setting.

Seniors, our country’s fastest growing population, benefit greatly from the dynamics of the yoga practice- learning to serve and support their graceful aging using the healing power of our sophisticated yoga therapeutics and teachings is accessible and a worthwhile cultivation. Seniors manage a broad spectrum of health challenges natural to the elder years, some more active than others. We will study a broad range of therapeutics to creatively navigate a mixed level class of seniors through well balanced class sequences that support individual needs.

Yoga teachers have a strong responsibility to serve women through their reproductive years. It is womankind’s unique destiny to know directly through their own bodies, the dignity and joy inherent in the miracle of childbearing. They need support to open to the full transformational impact of this journey and meet it with reverence and courage. The cycle includes fertility and conception, pregnancy, childbirth, nursing and postpartum bonding.


Seniors- May 20-21
Prenatal- June 3-4, 10-11


Saturdays 1-4
Sundays 1-4



September 8, 2016
June 11, 2017
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