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Mayurveda: Living Ayurveda for Women in their Childbearing Years with Jessica Jennings

April 17, 2024 - May 4, 2024

397USD – 447USD

The Anusara Universal Principles of Alignment are powerful experiences of the five elements in our bodies.

These five elements – space, earth, water, fire and air, are the foundation of Ayurveda, the 5,000 year old sister science to yoga.

Most of us know a little bit about Ayurveda – our dosha (Pitta, Vata, Kapha), some foods we may try to avoid…

But diving deep into the five elements can help us have more energy, improve our immune system, sleep better, strengthen digestion, and reconnect to our innate wisdom and power both on and off the mat.

Mayurveda is a 3-week online course with bi-weekly calls, ebooks and coaching to help busy teachers incorporate the most effective, powerful and do-able practices from this 5,000-year-old wellness system into your life and teaching.

In the process, you’ll have insights into your own yoga practice as well as ways to uplevel your self-care, daily rhythms and food routines.

“Mayurveda” hones down the complexities into simple lifestyle changes you can do, no matter how busy life gets.

We’ll learn the language of Ayurveda and then apply it to pregnancy, postpartum, kids and colds so we understand that we are so much more than our dosha!

We are each a beautiful, unique combination of all the elements, and we can can always move toward vital wellness by balancing them.

Specifically, Mayurveda: Living Ayurveda For Women in their Childbearing Years will teach you:

  • How to use food and spice as a source of prevention and healing for you and your loved ones;
  • About your unique constitution so you can move toward balance daily
  • Easy but powerful self-care routines called “Anchor Practices” that shift your energy back into your center, give you more energy, help you sleep better, and support your immune system;
  • The natural daily rhythm that supports our physiology, so our energy stays steady throughout the day;
  • Ayurvedic principles using women’s bodies as our model, to support ourselves, our students and our loved ones through menstruation, pregnancy, postpartum and motherhood

Mayurveda may be taken for Continuing Education credit, or to fulfill partial requirements for the 85-hour Ma Yoga/Yoga Alliance RPYT program.

About Jessica Jennings, MS, ERYT, RYPT

Jessica Jennings, MS, ERYT-500, RYPT, became a Certified Anusara Instructor in 2006. She created the Ma Yoga® Prenatal Certification Program (RPYT) in 2012 as a way to share what she had come to call the “Five Sacred Steps”: the Universal Principles adapted to the particular needs, challenges and opportunities of women in their childbearing years.

Jessica’s passion for teaching yoga to moms and moms-to-be started in 2001, when she was asked after her first teacher training to teach a prenatal class at the first Anusara studio in Los Angeles.

In 2003, Jessica developed and ran a group visit and prenatal yoga program in the Ob/Gyn Department at Kaiser Hospital as a Lifestyle Educator as part of her Masters in Kinesiology. After six years of seeing how life-changing it was for moms-to-be to share yoga, education and laughter on their journey to motherhood and beyond, Jessica left in 2009 to train and help yoga teachers start their own “Mama Circles” in their own neighborhoods.

Ma Yoga soon grew to more than ten locations in the Southern California area with more than 18,000 women coming through classes to feel great, prepare for labor and enjoy their journey to motherhood and beyond.

When Covid quarantine happened, the Ma Yoga teacher tribe moved their Prenatal, Mom, and Ma Yoga for Everyone classes online and began to serve mamas globally.

Similarly, the 85-hour Ma Yoga Certification Program (RPYT) went from half online to all-live online, and has become a global evolutionary community of teachers drawn to the divine feminine.

The program is a comprehensive  deep dive into yoga practices and principles for women, on and off the mat.

It includes prenatal training, therapeutics for women’s changing bodies, and “Mayurveda” – self-care, daily rhythm and food-as-medicine routines for busy women.

So much more than a prenatal training, “Ma” means mother in just about every language, for instance Italian: “Madre”, Latvian: “Māte”, Norwegian: “Mamma” or “Mor”, Persian: “Madr”, etc.

In Sanskrit, “ma” also means the highest, most powerful, wise and nurturing, as in “Ma Kali”, the Mother of all Goddesses.

Whether we’re pregnant with an idea, a vision or a new way of being in the world, when we learn to truly mother ourselves, we embody into our highest, most powerful and wise “Ma” Self.

For more information about trainings for Continuing Education or Prenatal Certification (RPYT), please come say hi at www.prenatalteachertraining.com.


April 17, 2024
May 4, 2024
397USD – 447USD
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Jessica Jennings
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