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ONLINE Anusara Adv Anatomy, Kinesiology, & FM, for Yoga Asana with Adam Ballenger

October 24, 2020 - November 1, 2020


This program is a 25 hour training that introduces or reviews general anatomy and body structures as well as various movement systems as part of a Systems Theory of integrated sub-systems.  The training will introduce or review some general topics related to proprioception, neuro-motor control, muscle imbalance, posture and movement imbalances, as well as the general topic of Functional Movement.  Some observation skills will be introduced, as well as some corrective exercise concepts.  The bulk of information in this training will be repeatedly reconnected to UPA concepts such as Loops, Spirals, Root to Rise, Open to Grace and more.  This course may support future FM asana related course work, therapeutics, and theming concepts that may relate symbolically or metaphorically to the body working as an integrated system, similar to cognition, and emotional function, or a cumulative Mind, Body, Heart system.


Adam Ballenger