Heart of Anusara Event Series: February 2019

Connect to your global Anusara community with our calendar of regional events offered by teachers who have joined the call to unite through local offerings!

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February 2019

Seminario di Filosofia con Carlos Pomeda
Roma, Italy, February 5-6

Lower back liberation: Yoga for deep core strength and hip release with Suzanne Zuber
Berkeley, CA, February 9

Anusara Immersion II with Jackie Prete
Osaka, Japan, February 6-10

Seat of the Teacher with Suzanne Slocum- Gori
London , UK, February 11-15

Ocean of the Heart Meditation &Yoga Retreat with Christy McKenzie
Tulum, Mexico, February 14-19

Wisdom Warrior Training for Ages 50 + with Desiree Rumbaugh
Atlanta, Georgia, USA, February 14-17

Mayurveda: Living Ayurveda for Women in their Childbearing Years with Jessica Jennings, MS
Online, February 21

Deepening Your Practice on and off the Mat with Carmel Calcagno
St. Terese, Costa Rica, February 24- March 2