How Anusara Teacher Joy’s Life Trajectory Changed in a Single Moment

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anusara teacher Joy

Teacher Anusara Elements Joy

Stable as Tarzan’s mind is probably the best description of Mr. Joey’s curriculum style. The soft face and eyebrows are full of wisdom for yoga and life. You will never be disappointed in her course. There will always be the most amazing waves in the deep sea.

Eason Chan – Stable Happiness

“I never thought of going into the yoga industry. When I was about 22 to 23 years old, I had a very, very low tide. Low to the whole person’s state is very poor, whether physically or psychologically, it is the feeling that the whole person rolls in the dark quagmire.

After being introduced by my best friend, I met Mr. Chen Ya on the LP platform. I felt very kind when I saw Mr. Chen for the first time, because I had to have class at that time, so I asked if you were Mr. Chen Ya? I want to learn yoga.

After a few sentences, QQ was added. To be honest, I really didn’t know how Mr. Chen’s teaching level was and where the yoga hall was at that time. It was a fate. When I came back, I went to the computer and went into the teacher’s QQ space to have a look. When I saw that there were teaching and training enrollment on it, I ran to the bank to transfer money. It was not until the day of the class that I dragged my suitcase to Xing. Ya.

My life trajectory changes in this moment.

The happiness that pours out from the inside

When my friend asked me where I slept, I said that I slept in the hall. Although I slept in the tin room in class and at night, I experienced what happiness was that month.

I used to know only the word happiness. Although I have a lot, I have always felt unhappy. However, on a very ordinary afternoon, an unprecedented sense of happiness suddenly poured out from the inside, feeling particularly comfortable and happy, and felt good to live.

Wow! It turns out that happiness is this kind of feeling, as if happiness is not about what material things you get and what reputation you get.

Even if you wake up on the floor every day, even if you teach in practice, your physical condition is dragging your legs in the class, even if you cover countless blankets used by you when you sleep, and the iron keeps clicking when it rains… All these bits and pieces are sweet in retrospect.

At that momentI decided to become a yoga teacher, because I think there must be many people like me in modern society.

I want to help myself, and I also want to pass on the yoga that can help people get mental and mental health to more people who need it.

At that time, when I went to the basic workshop in Anusala, a seed of Open to grace from Mr. Chen spilled into me who knew it at that time.

I seemed to feel the blueprint of life in that workshop.

This is not just a simple asana practice.

It is the integration of order and philosophy to lead life to the best blueprint.

Since the seeds have been sprinkled in

It began to take root and germinate slowly.

Make me unconsciously healthy

Internally, I have some expectations and expectations for life.

There is also gradually more space for yourself and her.

Let me realize the inner perfection and perfection.

It is never perfect and defective to stop putting yourself in the dark.

Through the system Development Course

At that time, I took four basics, 400 hours of in-depth teaching and training, 300 hours of certification, and 100 hours of biomechanics, and felt that I was not a smart student. As long as I had the opportunity to choose to retraining frequently, I often heard many partners say that Anu’s system was very good and liked it, but I felt that I couldn’t make money. It seemed to have learned it. It’s useless.

At that time, I also quite agreed with what the students said. While learning from Anu, as long as anything was popular outside, I would learn. At that time, I also learned something on the market and knew.But it has always seemed to stay in the state of Anu, that is, Anu, Pilates is Pilates, and there is no way to penetrate.

Because of the small postpartum class, private teaching and some workshops for several years, I found that the pelvic floor muscle is the weakness of the current country. Many training institutions or some teachers are still constantly letting students start from the training level, or one finger private at one time.

What should I do for a person whose pelvic floor muscles can’t move at all? What should I do if I don’t have any effect on electric therapy in the hospital? There are still many special situations in reality. How to help them?

Last year, I locked myself up at home for almost a few months, and I learned what I thought was useless at that time for eight years. I unconsciously used it.

Months of meditation and new discoveries like a scientist’s adventure, I developed a pelvic floor muscle class with Anu in order, a pelvic floor muscle class with Anu philosophy, and a pelvic floor muscle class with deep anatomy, medicine, energy layer, natural therapy and other rehabilitation.

The curriculum has been developed, and the practice effect is better than expected. When I saw that I really helped students whose pelvic floor muscles could not work, and really helped them improve the life and family problems brought about by the pelvic floor to varying degrees, the excitement in my heart was beyond words.

So all I learned

In fact, it is all in the Anu system principle.

Those scattered pearls

It can be connected in series with Anusala.

A beautiful pearl necklace

Stable Happiness

It’s really best to recall what Mr. Chen said – “useless”, to describe my feelings and state.

All efforts will not be wasted. All growth is like a big tree taking root. I hope that I can grow from a small tree now to a big tree in the sky and root deep enough and stable enough. In the future day, I can support a comfortable place for more people to enjoy the cool.

The growth along the way should be grateful to Mr. Chen Ya for leading and constantly watering and growing our buds.

I have found my own happiness, and I will always try to help more partners.

It’s good to be happy and stable.










当时我上阿努萨拉的基础工作坊,陈老师的一句Open to grace 种子洒进了当时懵懵懂懂的我。











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