How teachers can create a safer space for LBGTQI+ students

When yoga teachers and others in the wellness industry are not knowledgeable about teaching and working with LBGTQI+ students and clients, while the intent is likely to be welcoming and inclusive, the impact is often harmful. 

It is crucial as a yoga teacher, especially those who are heterosexual and cisgender, to take the time to educate one’s self about how to create a safer space for our LBGTQI+ students. It is often harmful when we are not aware of lived experiences outside of our own.

“The number one, most important way you can become a transgender and nonbinary ally is by educating yourself. Take the time to follow transgender issues in the news, read books authored by trans people, learn trans history, and connect with your local advocacy organizations.”

Tobia Wiggins


  • Does my studio/do I have a clear policy on inclusivity of LBGTQI+ students?
  • What language do I use that unintentionally causes harm? For example, do I use unnecessary bodily sex characteristics in my cueing? 

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