Intellectual Property Policy

Complete Version


  1. Overview
  2. Policy Purpose and Goals
  3. Manuals
  4. Teacher Training Materials
  5. Licensed Teachers’ Responsibilities
  6. Licensed New Teachers
  7. Intellectual Property Developed and/or Sold by Non-Licensed Anusara Teachers
  8. Website
  9. Enforcement


For the purposes of this document, the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga will be referred to as “the School.”

B. This document applies to:

  1. Anusara’s branding kit and Style Guide (logo, fonts, color palette, etc.)
  2. Immersion Manual*
  3. Teacher Training Manuals*
  4. Therapy Training Manual*
  5. Immersion and Teacher Training curricula provided to qualified teachers
  6. 300-Hour Teacher Training Modules (materials for teachers and handouts for students)
  7. Books sold on the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga’s website and shipped by the School and/or vendors with which the School has a contract
  8. Information on the School’s website
  9. Information about Anusara Yoga developed by individuals other than those on the Operations Team or Board of Directors (websites, written materials, etc.)
  10. Materials developed by Anusara teachers outside the context of the School’s Curriculum Committee
  11. Online education offered by the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga
  12. Any other form of intellectual property not specified above

*Sections below that refer to “manuals” apply to all three manuals listed above, any other manuals that the School may develop in the future and all Anusara trainings.


A. POLICY’S HIGHER PURPOSE: To help Anusara Yoga flourish by upholding the beauty, intelligence and integrity of the Anusara method and its principles and to promote the School’s vision, mission and core values


  • Enhance the desirability of sharing the teachings of Anusara yoga worldwide
  • Protect the School’s intellectual property and Anusara teachers who have invested in their professional development
  • Maintain the integrity of the value of an Anusara license and the education that it reflects
  • Streamline the process by which the School distributes its manuals and other intellectual property to licensed Anusara teachers
  • Ensure the School is remunerated for use of its intellectual property


A – Eligibility:

  1. General: Unless otherwise provided herein to the contrary, only Anusara teachers (all levels) with a current license with the School may purchase manuals. They may purchase a single updated manual at any given time.
  2. Teacher Trainers
    • a) Teacher trainers must register their training(s) with the School.
    • b) Teacher trainers must purchase manuals and any other materials related to the teacher training for the students in their trainings. (Their order will not be filled until their training is registered.)
    • It is up to each teacher trainer to determine whether the cost of a manual is included in the tuition they charge students or is an additional charge passed on to students.
  3. Students in an Anusara Teacher Training
    • To purchase a manual, a student must be in a registered Anusara teacher training.
    • Students in a registered Anusara teacher training must purchase a manual through their teacher trainer.
  4. Anusara teacher training graduates who are not licensed may only purchase a manual through their teacher trainer.

B – Cost: The School prices materials printed and sold by the School in an amount that covers:

  1. Personnel costs (primarily Store Manager and Bookkeeper) involved in entering orders, invoicing, shipping, etc.
  2. Payment transactions fees (credit cards, Paypal, etc.)
  3. Overhead (fixed costs such as MBO)

C – Sales

  1. The School only sells manuals through an approved vendor.
  2. The School does not sell manuals through third-party vendors.
  3. The School provides manuals digitally when shipping costs are prohibitively expensive.
  4. Any form of sharing Anusara’s intellectual property, such as file-sharing and photocopying, is strictly prohibited, including but not limited to teacher training manuals.


A. The School provides teacher trainers with supporting materials (e.g., curriculum guide) designed to help a teacher trainer organize their teacher training.

B. The School will provide such materials to teacher trainers at no cost once a teacher:

  1. registers their training with the School; AND
  2. agrees to pay the teacher training registration fee according to the procedures developed by the Operations Team.

C. A teacher training registration fee must be paid in full before a teacher trainer can start a new training.


A. PROMOTION: When teaching Anusara yoga, all licensed Anusara teachers are:

  1. Required to:
    • Advertise as a licensed Anusara teacher on their personal or professional website, in their biography and all personal promotional materials
    • Identify themselves as a licensed Anusara teacher on all social media channels they use to promote their classes, events, etc.
    • Advertise as a licensed Anusara teacher when they teach an Anusara workshop or event when they are the only teacher and/or teaching with another Anusara licensed teacher
  2. Expected to advertise as a licensed Anusara teacher:
    • On the website of any studio where they teach
    • Whenever they teach a class/workshop/event collaboratively with another teacher who teaches a different style


  1. For teaching purposes: Licensed Anusara teacher trainers shall use the manuals made available to them by the School upon registration of their teacher training. They may use additional material that they have developed to supplement, not supplant, the manuals provided by the School.
  2. For promotional use
    • Any licensed Anusara teacher who wishes to develop promotional materials regarding Anusara Yoga must comply with the School’s Style Guide and use language that is consistent with what is available on the School’s website. Teachers may address concerns or questions about their promotional materials by emailing
    • Any licensed Anusara teacher may use Anusara’s intellectual property for promotional use at no additional cost as long as they conform to the copyright and trademark requirements stated above.


  1. When the School is made aware of a violation of this policy, it brings this to the teacher’s attention so the teacher has an opportunity to rectify the situation.
  2. If such a matter is brought to a teacher’s attention and the teacher does not rectify the situation to the School’s satisfaction, this may ultimately result in the revocation of their license.


The School only grants a new Anusara license to individuals who have completed a teacher training with a 200-Hour or 300-Hour Anusara teacher trainer who has fulfilled all the requirements stipulated in this policy.


  • The School expects that teachers who are not trained in the Anusara method and previously licensed Anusara teachers who have not renewed their license do not purport to teach Anusara Yoga.
  • In the event the School becomes aware of such teachers, a representative of the School will follow up with that individual to request that they cease advertising as teaching Anusara Yoga.
  • In the case of formerly licensed Anusara teachers who continue to teach the Anusara method, the School will follow up with them to encourage them to re-instate.


  • This section pertains to all Anusara’s intellectual property, including but not limited to its databases, written/printed material, the School’s website and the School’s social media channels. Heretofore, this will be referred to as Anusara’s IP.
  • The School owns all intellectual property rights specified above (Section A).
  • Any unauthorized use or modification of Anusara’s IP is a violation of the School’s proprietary rights.
  • Only Anusara teachers with a current license have the right to copy, reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit or distribute content, provided they:
    • Keep all copyright, trademarks and other proprietary notices intact
    • Make no modifications to any such information
    • Agree not to disable, circumvent or otherwise interfere with security-related features of this website or features that restrict or prevent use or copying of any content
  • To guarantee the continuity of presentation and appearance (logo, fonts, color palette, etc.), Anusara’s IP must adhere to the School’s most updated Style Guide.
  • Website
    • 1. The School’s website ( is the primary face of Anusara. As such, it represents our methodology, philosophy and teachers. Therefore, the information presented must accurately represent the School. To safeguard content, access to editing is restricted to those granted permission by the Operations Team Coordinator.
    • Teachers’ Lounge: Information found in the Teachers’ Lounge may be reproduced and shared with other licensed Anusara teachers. Otherwise, such use is prohibited. Requests for such authorization from the School must be submitted via email to
  • Trademarks
    • The School owns all rights to its trademarks, logos, trade names, product names, product packaging and designs, regardless of whether they are officially registered.
    • Only Anusara licensed teachers with a current license have the right to reproduce, download or otherwise use such trademarks, service marks, logos, trade names, product names, product packaging and designs. Such use is restricted to the promotion of Anusara yoga.
    • All use of Anusara trademarks is subject to the School’s Branding Guidelines and all other documents (e.g. regulations and other policies) related to the protection of Anusara’s IP.


A. Effective Date: Unless otherwise noted, all policies in this document become effective immediately upon approval of this document by the Board of Directors.

B. Processes and Procedures: The Operations Team is responsible for developing the processes and procedures needed to enforce this policy and for said enforcement.

For more information about this policy, contact