出生前診療に対する私のアプローチは、出生時に女性に力を与えることです。 妊娠と産後の身体の調整と変化に関する知識を養う物理的実践から、世界に生命をもたらすことに伴う感情的および精神的なつながりまで。 1998で初めてのヨガのクラスを受講し、やがて母とヨガの先生に変身しました。 私は、ヨガの練習を通じて期待する母親と新しい母親により良いサービスを提供するために、ユタの出生前ヨガを設立しました。 私は現在、認定への道を歩むAnusaraInspired®教師であり、ヨガアライアンスを通じてE-RYTおよびRPYT登録を保持しています。 私は、出生前/出生後のヨガ教師トレーニングに加えて、出生前および出生後のヨガの公開クラスを提供しています。 赤ちゃんを持つことのユーモアを見つけることは私の正気に不可欠であり、一貫したヨガの練習が妊娠、出産、子育ての経験を改善できると心から信じています。


The Anusara® SMS modules I offer are created specifically for you! You are likely to encounter a pregnant woman during class at some point and being prepared for the basics of how to manage that is essential.  Practicing yoga during pregnancy is far more than just modifying poses; There are some key components a teacher can apply for a practice during the birth year. Being educated and clear about how to assist a woman during this time means a teacher can become a trusted and valued resource. Understanding the full spectrum of the physical, emotional and psycho/social changes that come during pregnancy and the postpartum period requires study and education in current methods.  The content and training I offer will provide a deep understanding of the intricacies of prenatal and postnatal yoga so that you can teach a new mom with confidence and skill!

SMS prenatal yoga module 1: The basics: What to do when you have an expecting mother in your class. Effective modifications, general contraindications, common conditions, and the basics of pregnancy anatomy and physiology through all 3 trimesters.  (9 hours)

SMS prenatal yoga module 2: Beyond the basics: Holding space for the individual as a part of the whole class, sensitive language, common misalignments and key actions, how to modify for specific conditions like ligament pain, sciatica, pubic symphysis pain, blood pressure issues, and considerations for optimal fetal positioning.  (9 hours)

SMS prenatal yoga module 3:  Advanced teaching techniques: Pelvic floor health and preparation, breathing for birth, optimal alignment for pregnancy, and efforts to diminish Diastasis Recti and pelvic floor weakness. Sequencing and theming for a prenatal-specific class, creating a prenatal yoga class in your community.  (9 hours)

SMS postnatal yoga module:  Yoga after birth: Working with the healing body and mind, building strength and core stability safely and effectively. Common conditions during the postpartum period, current methods in postnatal recovery, how to check for Diastasis Recti (and techniques for repairing significant separation), healing the pelvic floor, restoring optimal breathing and supporting new moms as they return to a regular yoga practice. (9 hours)




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