Judyth Hill’s Poetry Workshop

Judyth Hill’s Poetry Workshop

The following participants of Judyth Hill’s poetry workshop gave permission for their poems to be published in the newsletter.

January 28, 2023


May you taste heaven’s honey
and may it sweeten your blood-blue body.

May you sip from the golden galaxy of Grace

May you hear the music of unstruck strings,
the thousand tiny tongues
of your fellow travelers
carrying your heart in theirs.


May you Goddess
May you always teach the language of sleep

The place where the galaxy of grace dwells
In sparks of dark mystery

In the reaching embrace of divine daughters
Who’s holy henna-painted patterns

Travel down their arms and legs
Travel in and out
sewing a tapestry of heart to soul
In golden streams of sandalwood

We are tongue torn as tornados
we hold our music on untouched strings

Reeking havoc
Without the ears to hear this volcanic voice

We dive through this eternal love
Present from the earliest humans,
As if it has never been.


May you meander through the blossoms of jasmine
and feast on the honey of love.

May you yearn for the mystery of wisdom
and dwell in the storm that reveals her secrets.

May you listen to the stars and praise the glory of every twinkle.

May your tongue hold the honey and savor the blessings of forever.


May you and the jewels on your crown shine luminously like the stars above. 

May you be touched by the ancient dance of healing Grace. 

May you not tremble when the volcano of your heart erupts in fire. 

May you listen to the wisdom women whose dreams float like God on the night sky.

May the love that moves inside me be the light of your soul that cannot hide. 

Thank you to those who attended Judyth Hill’s poetry workshop and shared your poems with us.

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