Learn about the exciting new Fundamentals and Innovations project!

Dear Kula,

I am excited to share more information about the new Fundamentals and Innovation Project, which was announced in the last issue of Anusara News!

This project is intended to establish the fundamental components of an Anusara class and provide guidelines for incorporating the innovative aspects of our continuing education.

The Power of the Anusara Method

As all of us know, Anusara yoga is an amazing, strong, deep, safe, uplifting, and inspiring  method, which gives us the tools to practice safely and connect more deeply to our always-present essence. Our method is consistent from country to country and from teacher to teacher. As our method evolves, we want to maintain that consistency. 

Anusara teachers are curious learners, who keep deeping the connection to their bodies, minds and hearts–always seeking to improve the understanding of that connection to the Self.

We begin teaching how to practice pain free, then we begin teaching the real purpose of our practice: to use the body as a tool to deepen our path to our heart. As we deepen our practice and our understanding, we move closer to own our hearts and help our students do the same. As teachers, we often help students find that connection through their bodies and then slowly and patiently support them in creating a deeper connection to their heart. 

This profound inquiry inspires new ways to innovate, evolve our method and make it even richer. 

The Purpose of This Project

Our method has continued to evolve. Many Anusara teachers are constantly innovating. The Curriculum Committee has assumed commendable leadership in this area. However, we do so in the absence of widely agreed-upon guidelines, without which we run the risk of diluting the Anusara method over time.

Our goal is to create a policy that encourages innovation in ways that establish ample boundaries within which we can define the scope of Anusara’s curriculum and all supporting materials. With support from the School’s Director of Operations and Director of Professional Development, the newly appointed Fundamentals and Innovation Committee will develop this policy for review and final approval by the Board of Directors.

Fundamentals and Innovation Committee Membership

This committee includes a representative from each of the School’s global regions:

  • Anna Poletti (Italy/United Kingdom)
    • Member, Board of Directors’ Communications Committee
  • Beatriz Almazán (Mexico)
    • Member, Board of Directors’ Policy Committee
  • Martin Svitek (Czech Republic/Germany) 
    • Member, Board of Directors’ Communications Committee
  • Victoria Huang (Taiwan)
    • Member, China Teacher Growth Council
  • Kim Friedman (USA)
    • Director of Operations, Anusara School of Hatha Yoga
  • Jeannine Plaiche (Canada)
    • Director of Professional Development, Anusara School of Hatha Yoga
  • Letizzia Wastavino (Chile/Austria), Chairperson
    • Member, Board of Directors’ Policy Committee

Please direct questions to me at letizzia@anusarayoga.com.

Key Questions to Address

The policy will address the following key questions:

  1. What are the fundamental teaching elements of Anusara yoga/class?
  2. What defines a Certified Anusara yoga teacher?
  3. What do we mean by “innovation”?
  4. What guidelines do we want teachers to follow when innovating?
  5. What are teachers not permitted to do as it relates to innovation?

The Board of Directors wants to ensure our amazing teachers continue to innovate in ways that reflect the beautiful diversity that each one of us brings to our classes and our teacher trainings.

Your Voice Matters!

The Fundamentals and Innovation Committee wants to work with all interested Anusara teachers during 2022 to develop a policy that both establishes the fundamental elements of Anusara Yoga and determines how new elements can be integrated into the Anusara method without losing our core. We welcome your voices. Please be on the look-out for opportunities to provide input during this process!

From my heart to yours,

Letizzia Wastavino

Chair, Fundamentals and Innovation Committee