Lightness of the Heart – you can never have enough!


On May 22nd the Italian kula met online, a sparkling meeting even in the face of the recent pandemic event. More than 30 licensed teachers gathered with enthusiasm to share time and Anusara teachings. After greeting the new Elements and Inspired Teachers in this flourishing community, we shared some beautiful inspirational thoughts about Lightheartedness, this year’s theme for the event. We want to share them with you because …Lightness of the Heart – you can never have enough!


“Lightness is the Heart of Yoga, it’s the result of our practices, so that we can face life with openness, and in doing so experience Ananda, the ultimate joy. Lightness is a fundamental part of our journey. We need to be with others to share this quality; we need to hear the laughter of people around us. When we are alone we tend to close down, but the Kula helps us to lift this veil.”

“We shared a powerful practice of asana and meditation, conducted by 3 wonderful Anusara Certified Teachers–Grazia Orlando, Alberto Vezzani and Laura Casini–who guided us in the practice, using lightness and connection. A Dharana was created specifically for this meeting to support us in embodying lightheartedness: Sahaja Saralata (literally natural easiness). We felt like connecting to our essence, experiencing a light Heart, free of weight like a feather, like in the Egyptian myth of weighing one’s Heart after death to see if it’s heavier than a feather, to decide the soul’s destiny.”

“Like Shiva Natarajasana we could experience the lightness of the Dance of creation, but completely connect ourselves in the depth of our Heart. The left arm of Shiva pointed us lightly to the Heart, inviting us to reach for it, embracing what life brings to us. And through this connection we let Grace reveal herself as the right hand of Shiva pointing straight to his feet, the abode of true knowledge.

“A rich meditation practice led us into the depth of our Heart, like merging ourselves in a vast ocean in which the primordial mantra Om is always resonating and vibrating as Spanda.”

 “The kula greeted the renewal of one of its two coordinators ( Elena Bussolati who joins Marianna Bertolazzi) and of the Mini-board (which supports the coordinators given the huge community dimension). The Italian Mini-Board is now comprised of 4 licensed teachers: Barbara Pagni, Carla Ciatto, Diletta Pinazzi, and Paola Endrizzi. They share their commitment to serve other teachers and the Anusara Community with a fresh spirit. Many thanks were expressed to those leaving service: Stefania Catellani, Alessandra Pergreffi, Erika Nasi, and Anne-Francoise Moser. They have been very active but with a lightness of attitude!

After sharing the next meetings program and more news, the Community was involved in a contemplation on “What nourishes our practice? What supports you in your practice?” The most common remark is that we used our lockdown time to deepen our studiying of non dual Tantra and Philosophy and our practices, mostly taking inspiration from nature, that constantly speaks to us about Yoga.

We ended the meeting with a renewed and light heart that is the perfect ground for seeds of love, compassion and awareness to flourish.