Many Voices, One School – Creating Our New Vision Statement

Dear Members and Friends of the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga,

This is an exciting time for Anusara yoga and the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga, without which Anusara yoga as we know it wouldn’t exist! 

Signs of growth and vitality abound, including:

  • A steady increase in applications from new teachers
  • Elements teachers up-leveling to become Inspired
  • New Certified teachers and ECATs
  • A high membership renewal rate despite the ongoing pandemic
  • Numerous online and in-person teacher trainings around the world
  • An amazing lineup of presenters from 15 countries for Samavesha 2021 Online 
  • New mentoring program
  • New member discount program
  • New Friends of Anusara membership option (in development, to be launched in 2022)

As we enter this new phase as a robust international yoga school with over 800 members worldwide, it’s time for a new vision statement for our School!

Our current vision statement was appropriate and relevant five years ago when it was developed. Now we are ready for a more outward-facing shared vision that reflects the big “tent” we want to create for Anusara students and teachers worldwide. 
We have developed two options, based on input we have gathered through:

  • 3 visioning sessions held in June (these sessions were open to all members)
  • A short survey to the Board, staff and a few teachers from around the world to whom we reached out initially when developing the options in this survey

Please complete the survey by October 10, 2021

We will recommend that the Board of Directors adopt the option that gets the most votes. (Note: This committee and/or the Board may make small changes to either statement based on your feedback.)
Your engagement in this way will ensure we gather around a new shared vision!

Questions? Please email Aline Franco Flores, Administrative Associate, at

Om Shanti,

Ad-hoc Vision Statement Committee

Board President, John Seelye

Board Treasurer, Gianni Chavez

Director of Operations Committee, Kim Friedman

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