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For Anu, yoga is a journey to self-awareness. After her very first yoga class in the late 90s, she understood that she didn’t really know herself, that there was more. Her classes are accompanied by yoga philosophy, they are powerful as well as fun, and are full of anatomical details. The emphasis is on optimal alignment of the body, giving the practitioner the opportunity to stay with themselves, to experience themselves more deeply and to evolve. After her initial training as a Sivananda yoga teacher, Anu soon turned to the life-affirming philosophy of Anusara® yoga and deepened her knowledge with numerous advanced trainings and 300 hours of YOGAMAZÉ teacher training.

What do you love most about Anusara Yoga?

The non-dual tantric philosophy: This is why I fell in love with Anusara yoga. The philosophy together with the asana practice brought me so much closer to myself.
Kula: I love the feeling of being together with people with the same mindset and who see the Big Picture similarly with me.
Pulsation: Anusara yoga practice pulsates in every cell of my body. I love the feeling of being alive in my body.

Why do you teach Anusara yoga?

In my first Anusara yoga class I felt the connection of the yoga philosophy with the asana in the yoga room for the very first time. Before that I never really understood what the yoga philosophy had to do with me. I also found how amazing I felt on all levels of me after every Anusara yoga practice. I wanted to spread this feeling to others as I decided to become an Anusara yoga yeacher.

Why do you license with Anusara?

The Anusara yoga teacher training was a wonderful journey for me and it really opened a door to myself. I learned so much about me, about life, about everything. I find that everyone should make this journey to themselves, and I really want to be there for my students to support and to encourage them to dive deeper to their potential. And, that I can now do being a licensed Anusara yoga teacher.

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Anu Visuri