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Thanks to my parents, I was able to try out many sports as a child. I mainly did ballet, competed in ballroom dancing, and skiing. Exercising wasn’t just a hobby for me, it was always part of my daily rhythm.
I came for my studies to Vienna, I had to learn a lot, I had a full-time job and I couldn’t train so regularly. I was looking for a “sport” where I can not only move my body, but also regenerate and switch off from hectic everyday life. I was curious about what can be this mysterious yoga?
I found the lovely Ananya yoga studio in Vienna, offering Anusara® yoga. After the yoga beginner course, I realized that yoga is not just exercise, it is only a small part (exactly 1/8 according to Patanjali), yoga is a way of life. I always felt so good after the yoga classes and wanted to learn and experience more, not just physically, but more of meditation, yoga philosophy and the life of a yogi. This led me to start the yoga teacher training at Ananya.

What do you love most about Anusara Yoga?

Above all, Anusara® yoga shows me that what happens on the mat can also transfer into my own life and flow into everyday life, as our communication and actions reflect our inner thoughts.

Anusara® Yoga makes me aware again and again that nothing is impossible and my success depends on how I treat myself along the way. My focus should not be on the goal, but I have to give my best in every single step:

– First, I should dream, want and believe that it can happen. (Shri)

– Next, I need to understand and find a way to do it. (It is important to understand that this path is unique and different for everyone. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. For you it may be very easy, pleasant, but for me it is super difficult, uncomfortable or vice versa.) (Satya)

– Then comes the implementation, which happens outside of my comfort zone, where I need a lot of strength, motivation and perseverance. (Svantandrya)

– In addition, when I have achieved my goal, I should be able to enjoy this moment and be satisfied, not necessarily start the next fight immediately. It is important to notice this, to celebrate and to be proud of myself.

It will be probably never easy, but honesty, when something is easy we get bored and won’t develop ourselves. Isn’t it? 🙂

That’s why my motto is “StartYourImpossible”

Why do you teach Anusara yoga?

I teach Anusara® yoga because it showed me that I can improve my life qualitatively, I don’t mean my surroundings, but really in myself. I can now deal with my perfectionism and my impatience much easier and allows me to develop as a person day by day.
Of course it’s not just uphill, there are days when I feel like I should start all over again. But I keep asking myself why this situation happened again, what should I learn from it?

Why do you license with Anusara?

I truly believe that with Anusara® yoga I can share my experience and try to support other yogis, as it is supporting me day by day.

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Hanna Hoffmann