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Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher
Former Director of Licensing for Anusara School of Hatha Yoga
Co-founder and Consultant for ASHY
Licensed Massage Therapist

Being a Certified Anusara Yoga teacher since 2001 has been the absolute joy of my life. I have been teaching Hatha yoga classes, teacher trainings, immersions, retreats and workshops since 1991. My main influences are John Friend, Desiree Rumbaugh, Zhenja La Rosa, Ross Rayburn, Genny Kapular(Iyengar Yoga) and Ganga White and Tracey Rich (Vinyasa Yoga). My playfully rigorous classes encourage every student to celebrate the miracle of embodiment and the profound experience of connecting to the Self.
I have done extensive training in Therapeutics and anatomy with Ellen Saltonstall, Martin Kirk, Ray Long, and Doug Keller.
I co-lead Anusara therapeutic workshops, immersions, 200 and 500 hour teacher training programs with Rudrani Farbman and Julia Pearring.
I am a Certified Health Coach and teach a year long online program called the Body Evolves that dramatically transforms your health and well being. See details and sign up for a free on on one Wellness consultation on my website.
Before the pandemic I was regularly traveling to teach in Italy, Germany, China, Taiwan, Japan, and Mexico. I am currently teaching online workshops, trainings , privates, and classes both online and in person. I am so honored to be a part of this great heart-filled style of yoga to the Anusara yoga kula all over the world. It has been so exciting to see it growing and maturing.

Weekly Class Schedule

Please go to the following link for my weekly class schedule.

What do you love most about Anusara Yoga?

Teaching yoga with the Universal Principles of Alignment and with the context of Non-Dual Tantra philosophy gives meaning and depth to my teaching. Classes are ever evolving both technically and artistically by integrating both philosophy and new innovations in sequencing and biomechanics. The challenge of keeping my classes fresh and alive after 30 years of teaching becomes a delight. So much to learn and to discover.

Why do you teach Anusara yoga?

Teaching the practice of Anusara yoga has kept my heart open, my nervous system grounded and built an inner strength and resiliency to support me through recovery from a serious bike accident and the ongoing ordeal of the ever changing pandemic.

Why do you license with Anusara?

The Anusara School of Hatha yoga is one of the most professionally run schools of Hatha yoga today. I am proud to be a member of this ever evolving and heart filled world wide community of teachers and students!

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Jacalyn Prete