MINDBODY Online and License Renewals

The Anusara School of Hatha Yoga has converted its licensing system to MINDBODY Online (MBO).

Among the many benefits:

*  access and edit your account information online
*  help the School comply with the European Union’s data privacy law
*  greater efficiency in service our community.

This a new and different way of doing renewals – so bear with us because it will be worth it!
MINDBODY works by sending out renewal emails 30 days before the license date.  However, we must get ALL our teachers active in the system, so we need your help.

If you renewed your Anusara license in 2018, please click HERE  This will take you to email campaign which has instructions and links for you.

If you have not renewed your Anusara license since 2017, please email admin@anusarayoga.com

Read Frequently Asked Questions HERE


Ready to Renew your License?

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