New KULA in China

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Spring in 2021

We started an idea.

Why not let our kula extend beyond the Xingya Yoga Center?

Let more people practice

Come and feel the charm of Anusara.

Identify teachers, confirm venues, confirm time…

polish the course, starting from the Spring Festival holiday

Teacher Chen Ya is at 6 a.m. every day.

Lead the KULA teacher team to carry out internal training

KULA officially launched on the ninth day of the Year of the Ox.

A group of people with the same belief gathered together.

Explore more possibilities in Anusara


Teacher Chen Ya said: Most people who can firmly believe in something or someone will benefit a lot from this conviction in their lifetime.

In fact, it is not undisturbed.

We will also encounter a lot of “whys”

Why do you want to do KULA?

Why send so many teachers to run so far to class?

Why do you work so hard to talk about opening KULA?

Why do you get up so early every day for internal training? Not a day, but every day?

These questions

Everyone seems to have found the answer by themselves.

Because we are hearing more and more

Before every class, the expectations of friends

Before each class, the solitaire in the group is enthusiastic.

After each class, the friends are happy.

After each class, the friends give back enthusiastically.

“I’m so happy to meet Anusala for the first time…”

“Teacher, the guiding words in your class seem to have magic. The asanas you could’t do before unconsciously did it…”

“I really like the spiritual theme of each lesson of the teacher…”

“I’m looking forward to KULA every Saturday, just like watching dramas, and I’m looking forward to updating every day…”

Wow! It turns out that like many things in life, it is worth it or not, in your own heart.

The word KULA, from Sanskrit, means a group of people with the same faith, gathered together.

Yes, this is–


“It turns out that I am not a diligent teacher. After learning and training, I always feel that I am not enough. I will take some learning points from east to west and then take it to class. I will also participate in any workshop, but I always feel very scattered and I don’t know how to adjust it.

Later, I continued to study Anusala yoga, a yoga system that integrates complex and tedious skills. Everything I used to learn has been integrated into this system, and it opens me to think about why I should teach yoga? Why do you practice yoga? Thinking about how to live a better life.

I’ve never really been in a muddle. Haha, so now I feel very happy and proud of myself being an Anusala yoga teacher.

This is the original words of one of our young Anusala element teachers.

Some people say that a person begins to think, “Who am I? Where do I come from? Where are you going? It is the real maturity, which has nothing to do with age.

It is precisely because of a deep thinking about life that a small flower of “belief” blooms in it.


Thank you to everyone who came to the scene to connect with us.

Thank you for our friends who have passed it from word to mouth.

KULA is full moon.

In the past month

A total of 27 Kula classes were held in Guangzhou.

354 ga people have participated in the practice of Kula!

In addition

We have more plans and actions:

👉🏻 Course Escalati

We will continue to polish every lesson.

Try to do better in every detail.

👉🏻 Venue upgra

More venues will be added in Guangzhou.

There will be more venues you know and love around to open KULA.

Changsha, Huizhou

It will be the same frequency as Guangzhou. KULA will be opened on Saturday morning.

Heart Spring Forest Physical and Mental Yoga

Address: 1103 Tianjun International Building, 365 Tianhe Road, GuangzhouImage

Nalan Yoga

Address: Exit C of Fei’eling Metro Station, Line 9, Zhongmen Metro, Fengshen Commune, Huadu District, Guangzhou

Tel: 13250309919

Floating yoga

Guangzhou Tower Store

Address: 8C, Block E, Jingxuan, Zhujiang Dijingyu, Haizhu District, Guangzhou

Tel: 18813103638

Guomao store

Address: 30B, Guomao Building, 1 Linhe West Road

Tel: 18925160352

Pazhou store

Address: 4th Floor, Shangri-La Hotel, No.1 Convention and Exhibition East Road, Haizhu District

Tel: 18588888958

And yoga

Address: 1107, Building T4, Yucheng Chaoyang Plaza, Middle Road, Changsha Station, Hunan Province

Tel: 073185010638

Huizhou Fanyue Yoga

Address: Shop on the 2nd floor, Building t3, North Gate of Wuhuwan, No. 88 Huishadi Second Road, Huicheng District, Huizhou City

Tel: 15016060903

👉🏻 Teacher Escalati

More senior Anusala teachers joined

You will meet the legendary big-name teacher in KULA class.

KULA is upgrading to version 2.0

Welcome to join us.

Chasing light together

Up together


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