New Vision Statement and Membership Structure!

Dear Anusara Community Members,

Thank you for being a part of the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga.

Your membership, leadership and participation in our community really matter. The Board members, staff members and I are grateful for everything that you do for Anusara. We all know that Anusara is not just a method to teach yoga asana.  With your spirit, your support and engagement, you make a difference in this world, you support others and you bring the ideas, philosophy and vision of Anusara to life. Thank you.

Today the members of the Board of Directors, and staff of the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga have something really important to share:

New Vision

The world is changing, and we are growing with it. Over the last few years, our School has made a lot of progress in strengthening the foundation and the Muscular Energy of our organization. Now we want to go to the next step. We are ready to expand our offerings with a renewed vision that clearly affirms our commitment to serve the world and our shared will to bring it into action. Please join us in celebrating our School’s new vision:

Awakening hearts, illuminating minds, strengthening bodies from the roots of yoga in recognition of the sacred in all beings

Membership Organization Starting January 2022

The first part of this new membership model includes new membership fee options for licensed members–Elements, Inspired, Certified and Experienced Anusara teachers. This new membership structure reflects the Board of Directors’ commitment on behalf of our global community to embody diversity, inclusion and equity by offering two separate fee options:

  • Standard fee (regular fee – same as 2021 fee) 
  • Assisted feefor those experiencing financial hardship or who are unable to pay the standard fee

By offering two separate membership fee options, members who are able to pay the Standard fee will make it possible for those who are unable to pay the standard fee to still be members. This will nourish the roots of who we are: teachers supporting teachers.

Another aspect of our new membership model, set to launch in the second quarter of 2022, is our new Friends of Anusara membership. This new membership category will be available to Anusara’s supporters, enthusiasts and students who wish to stay in touch with, support and be a part of the Anusara Yoga international community.

Sounds exciting? Yes! Let’s have a closer look at what the new fee structure will look like for licensed members:


Application Fee + Membership Fee = Total amount you pay

  • We want to make it easy for new members to join!
  • New members will now only pay only one (1) fee upon applying. (This fee combines the application fee and an annual membership fee).
  • A 9-installment payment plan is also available.


STANDARD FEE (recommended)

1 payment

9 installments


1 payment

9 installments

  • Application fees for all licensed memberships have been significantly reduced.
  • Renewing members can renew at the Standard  or Assisted rate according to their financial capacity. Teachers may also choose to pay membership fees in either one payment or nine (9) installments.

We’ve gotten stronger in the last year, thanks to all of you!

Your membership fee is an integral part of the School’s income. Your fee goes towards the development and maintenance of our School’s programs, teacher resources, and Anusara global community-building efforts. For example, over the last year, we:

  • Launched Anusara Online and a new Mentoring Program for Elements and Inspired teachers;
  • Established a new Member Discounts page that brings special discounts for yoga products and services to licensed teachers;
  • Revised our curriculum materials for the 300-hour teacher training program and introduced a new Therapy Guide for teachers;  
  • Organized the second Samavesha Festival online;
  • Bridged communication between our teacher trainers and Yoga Alliance so more teachers can continue leading their trainings online and be recognized by Yoga Alliance; 
  • Distributed a new Principles of Alignment course that Anusara-Inspired teachers can teach as a workshop;
  • Built new global connections by welcoming new Country Coordinators in the following countries: Argentina, Belgium, China, Italy, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and Peru

We look forward to continuing these efforts in collaboration with all of you and soon with Friends of Anusara, who will join us in 2022. 

It is the Board of Directors’ and staff’s fervent hope that these changes will make it possible for current teachers to maintain their memberships and new teachers and students to join the School and, in doing so, add to the richness and beauty that come with diversity! We are so excited to be Renewing the Heart of our global kula in this way–a global community that shares and embodies unity within diversity and a love for the Anusara method. May our new vision statement and membership-based School help us all recognize with even more clarity the sacred in the heart of all beings.

Warm regards,

John Seelye 

Board President
Anusara School of Hatha Yoga