Professional Development Update

By Cara Zaruba Butler

Certified Anusara® Yoga Teacher

The pandemic has been a challenging time for everyone.  I believe that we have all experienced some light or a happy moment.  I am in awe at the programs and offerings that have been quickly developed as a reaction to the pandemic.  At the end of March, the school made available to our teachers the opportunity to market their live streamed and recorded classes on the Anusara website.  Also, the Social Media Committee launched #AnsuaraAssemble to connect the Kula on Facebook and Instagram.

Here are a few comments from emails that I received:

For me, the COVID has opened up a channel to stay connected to the Global Kula. I have been enjoying the online offerings, really enjoying taking online classes with teachers around the world. It also helped me to take the big jump and go online with my own offerings, as handmade as they were. – Letizzia Wastavino

I love these resources!!  Thank you so much.  I got to take my first mini class with Jeanine Plaiche today. She was my Assessor during the Certification process so that was super cool.  Also, excited to be able to take class from my colleague Adolfo (we both got surprised with our Certification in Colorado last September) as well as many others. I am considering creating something as well.  I love the opportunity. Thank you again for keeping us together! – Nancy Burtenshaw

For several years I have managed the online store for Anusara.  During the pandemic we have all pulled together and have responded quickly to the needs of the Kula. I feel closer to the Kula than I have ever in the past. – Sarah Christiansen

I am overwhelmed by the content that the Curriculum committee has produced. There are many new manuals and updates that will be launched in the next several months. From a licensing standpoint, we have had new teachers continue to join and many teachers move to the next licensing level. We are working with mentors, Assessors and candidates to assist them during these unusual times.

Other exciting opportunities are workshops and training that are being offered that count towards 300-hour elective hours. Be sure to stay informed by visiting the newly updated events page that will make it easier for you to navigate and find teachers and programs.

Stay up to date by visiting the website or reaching out to the licensing team as we all continue to be fluid with these decisions. Lastly, be sure to log your hours on the credit log form which is located in the Teacher Lounge. This form makes it very easy to keep track of the required, core and elective courses.

I am very excited that there have been so many newly licensed teachers in 2020. Congratulations to all of you!

If you have any questions regarding licensing, please feel free to contact Ory (

We wish you health and love

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