Registration of Immersions & Teacher Trainings

12357056_1078029352216090_1397650755451354862_oInformation about the new Immersion and Teacher Training Registration policies were sent out via email in January 2016. If you read the email and are ready to register, just scroll to the bottom of this page.

If you need more information about the new policy, read on…

ASHY has, in three short years:

  • revived Anusara yoga teacher training curriculum, licensing, and certification on firm ground and added the new the Anusara Elements™ teacher category, with over 800 teachers worldwide
  • refined the Immersion and Teacher Training manuals, with translations completed or in progress in Spanish, Chinese, German, and Italian
  • updated the Immersion and Teacher Training curriculum template manuals
  • made the new 300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training curriculum the heart of our Certification Process. This new program begins January 1 , 2018!

There is a symbiosis to the relationship of ASHY (the organization) and the teachers who are ASHY (the community) which is based on mutual support and respect. To strengthen this reciprocal relationship, ASHY will begin supporting Certified Teachers leading Immersions and Teacher Trainings in these NEW ways beginning in 2016: 

  • develop, refine, and distribute all ASHY teacher training materials, curriculum, and student manuals
  • upload Immersion and Teacher Training events FOR YOU onto the ASHY website and into ASHY Social Media
  • send regionally targeted quarterly email newsletters, with a specific focus on marketing Immersions and TT’s to over 24,000 people worldwide
  • provide your trainees with information about ASHY, how to attain the Elements teacher license, and education on the benefits of continuing their studies in Anusara yoga beyond the Immersion and initial Teacher Training
  • ASHY will track students’ training – so you won’t have to!

To enable ASHY to continue developing a supportive structure for all of our teachers, we ask that all Immersion & Teacher Trainings be registered with ASHY beginning in 2016. This entails a simple online registration process at the beginning of each 100 hour program, and a follow-up at the end.  You may also register the full 200 Hour at once.

Overhead costs beginning March 1, 2106.*

$50 for each 100 hour Immersion, up to 10 students**

$50 for each 100 hour Teacher Training, up to 10 students**  

**at the end of the training, if you have more than 10 students, a $5/per student fee will be due to ASHY when the student contact list is submitted.

Thank you for building inspiration in the next wave of Anusara yoga teachers – there are many great changes coming to ASHY in the months to come, and your leadership in this school is the primary source of this upcoming transformation.

If you are ready to register an Immersion or Training, please scroll down. For assistance, email

Immersion/Teacher Training Registration Form MBO

Fields marked with a * are required

A registered Anusara yoga training:

  • is described & promoted as an Anusara® yoga event in your marketing materials and social media campaigns, with current ASHY logos and branding
  • teaches the Anusara curriculum, and uses current manuals purchased from ASHY. Send an email to Donna for wholesale and international orders, or have your students purchase them directly through this website.
  • provides student contact information to ASHY at the end of each event, so that ASHY can congratulate them on their accomplishment and to inform them about how ASHY can serve them in their career as teachers of Anusara yoga.
  • prepares students for the Anusara Elements™ yoga teacher license and approval of RYT200 status with Yoga Alliance.
The following 3 questions will be helpful information for ASHY.
Co-teachers must be fully qualified and approved by ASHY to teach the 200 Hour curriculum.
Assistant teachers are currently licensed ASHY teachers and may teach no more than 4 hours (of 100) with the lead teacher present.

When training is registered and the $50 fee has been processed, please send Ory Brown a copy of your flyer or email your event details and she will post your training on the ASHY Event webpage for you. Your event will not be posted until Ory receives all relevant information.

Should it be necessary to cancel your training, the $50 registration fee will be refunded.  Please notify Ory immediately at to update the Events page and for refund.

***Don't forget to place your order in advance for manuals through the  ASHY website at wholesale prices!