SAMAVESHA 2020 – COVID-19 RESPONSE – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Samavesha 2020 still going to take place September 23-27, 2020?

A: The Samavesha planning committee prioritizes the safety and ease of planning for our participants and presenters. As a result, we have decided to postpone Samavesha to March 10-14, 2021.

Samavesha 2020 is now Samavesha 2021, “Immerse in Bliss.”

Q: What do I do if I purchased a ticket and want to cancel or roll my ticket over to March?

A: Email Anusara’s Event Producer, Ashley Sherburne, at to let her know either way. If you decide to roll your ticket over to March, all you have to do is let her know. If you need to cancel your ticket, you will receive a full refund.

Q: How do I request a refund if I cannot make it to Samavesha 2021?

A: Email Anusara’s Bookkeeper, Beth Stelz, at If you would like to help pay for administrative costs involved in booking and canceling your ticket, donations are greatly appreciated – just let Beth know the amount you would like to donate.

Q: Why did you choose March 10-14, 2021 to reschedule? What if the pandemic is still a problem?

A: We will absolutely be monitoring the situation in regards to COVID-19, prioritizing safety in any decision we make. We chose March of 2021 as we were given six months to reschedule our event at the same venue, and March was at the end of that six-month period. In the event that we need to reschedule again, we will communicate that information as soon as possible.

Q: What has changed regarding the schedule or venue for Samavesha 2021?

A: We have reserved the new dates at the same venue at the Assembly Rooms in Bath, U.K. Bill Mahony will still be our scholar. The community dinner and gathering is taking place at the same time and at the same venue, the Apex Hotel, on Friday, March 12th.

The schedule for classes and workshops is subject to change depending on availability of presenters. We will update the schedule as soon as we hear back from presenters!

Q: What should I do about my travel plans to England?

A: Some airlines are accommodating changes to flights due to the current circumstances, so we advise that you look into the policies of your specific airline as well as the terms of your travel insurance (if you purchased it).

If you have not purchased your flight, we recommend that you purchase it with an airline that allows for modifications to your itinerary during COVID-19 (some airlines have already announced that they will accommodate these kinds of changes). To be extra safe, you can purchase fully refundable flights from most airlines.

We also recommend that you purchase travel insurance that includes the ability to cancel and change flights due to international outbreaks of disease.

Q: What about lodging? Should I cancel my lodging reservations? Should I make lodging reservations if I haven’t yet?

A: If you have already made lodging reservations, we recommend that you look into the policy of the specific accommodations you reserved. Many hotels and Air B&Bs are allowing changes due to COVID-19. If you made your reservations through Bath Holiday Rentals, please email Ashley, Event Producer, at with your reservation information as soon as possible. They are willing to reschedule your previous reservations at this point.

If you haven’t already made reservations, we recommend booking through a company that allows you to make changes or cancel without a fee. has some properties that do not require a deposit and/or allow you to cancel for free up to the day before your arrival.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please email Ashley Sherburne, the School’s Event Producer, at

Thank you for your understanding and support.

We can’t wait to see you in March!