SAMAVESHA 2020 Online Schedule

All times are in the New York (USA) time zone.
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Time (New York, USA) Presenter Title of Presentation Language Class Category Class Description
8 am – 10 am John Seelye, Board President (USA), and Kim Friedman, Operations Team Coordinator (USA) *Welcome, Meditation, Short Asana, Group Questions and Answers (Q&A) English Meditation & Asana
10 am – 12 pm Bill Mahony (USA) **If everything is connected, then why is there so much division, and what can we do about it? Thoughts from a yogic perspective. English Philosophy Anusara’s heart-centered philosophy holds that all things are manifold expressions of a single divine power and presence that is of the nature of light, love and joy. All of us are connected to each other and to our own deepest selves through this One. If so, then why do people feel and then act otherwise, treating others and themselves in ways that sometimes (often!) leads to what yoga calls duḥkha or suffering? In this session, I will reflect not only on the process of manifestation and on interconnectivity, but also on the effect of what is known as avidyā, which is often translated as “ignorance” but which I prefer to think of “not-knowing” or “not-wisdom.” I will explain why this shift in translation might help us understand the importance of continually turning toward Anusāra’s particular yogic values and perspectives as we engage the challenges and opportunities of our lives.
10 am – 12 pm Lois Nesbitt (USA) *Backbends with Arms Overhead: Double the Challenge, Double the Fun! English Asana Backbends in which the arms are overhead require flexibility in the spine AND shoulders. Very few of us have both—it’s usually one or the other, or neither! But using Anusara’s shoulder loop and arm spirals enables us to access poses like wheel, full bow, and vipariti dandasana. Attempting these poses requires the Samavesha qualities of courage and patience, as well as the practices of viveka and sanyasa: the wisdom to avoid pushing or forcing our bodies and instead diligently applying intelligent, life-affirming alignment.
12pm – 2 pm Kai Hill (Germany) *Playground for the UPA’s & Heart Theming German Alignment/Therapeutics In this class Kai will elaborate the UPA’s from his background in philosophy, anatomy, spiraldynamics and sequencing. He will introduce his insights in a playful practice through a sequence which will clarify the world of instructions and effects of the UPA’s connected to the heart theme. Strongly recommended for teachers who want to deepen their vocabulary and become inspired to use the UPA’s connected to a heart theme. (After the practice he will share with the interested participants a template he developed over the years to plan your class efficiently with UPA’s (key actions), peak pose, heart theme, sequencing, levels, body aspects)
12pm – 2 pm Christina Sell (USA) *The Heart is the Hub: Twisting Poses English Asana This full-spectrum class incorporates supine, seated, standing, and arm balancing twisting postures for a dynamic all-levels practice. Like spokes on a wheel feeding into a central hub, connecting strong work of the arms and legs to the spine helps twists unfold with greater stability, clarity, and freedom. In the same way, connecting our challenges– doubt, upset, contraction– with a greater source, we learn to revolve around the deeper impulses of the Heart.
2 pm – 4 pm Greg Lewerenz (USA), Ellen Saltonstall (USA) and Julia Pearring (USA) *Introduction of the “Therapeutic Applications of Anusara Yoga” Manual English Alignment/Therapeutics This class will be taught by three of the co-authors of the new “Therapeutic Applications of Anusara Yoga” Manual. We will present how the Manual was developed, how it is laid out, and how it can be used practically.
2 pm – 4 pm Adam Ballenger (USA) *Some Fun with Your Function English Alignment/Therapeutics This session focuses on understanding Spirals, practicing them, and developing better movement function through them.
4 pm – 6 pm Judyth Hill (USA) *Sarasvati’s’ Gift: Poetry on Godfire! WildWrite with Spirit! English Writing Workshop “Let yourself be silently drawn By the strong pull of what you really love.” – Rumi Join the Caravan of the Beloved! Be inspired by the Ecstatics! We’ll read from Rumi, Mirabai, Rilke, Lal Ded, and Hafiz: poets whose powerful spiritual understandings set their work on fire! We will immerse in their impassioned outcries and WildWrite to connect with and express magnificent Shakti, alive and pulsing, dancing within each of us! Dive into deep and sacred relationship to the Divine, and together we’ll WildWrite a fresh Vision of ourselves as Sacred Beings, telling our own unfolding story as the delicious incarnations of Spirit we are! We’ll look through the ancient Sanskrit lens of Matrika, at how all language is an inhale and exhale in Holy consonance. Come experience the delicious spill unto the page as we will link our bodies, hearts and spirits, our ignited Creativity, in passionate, expressive connection with the wild Divine! Lifer or just Beginning coming to the page…THIS CLASS IS FOR YOU!
4 pm – 6 pm Beatriz Almazan Cueto (Mexico) *Embrace Your Soul Spanish Asana As you embrace who you are, rooting, connecting with the present, with your situation and everything thats around you. Bringing in, rooting, you can develop an opening, balance and discover new freedom.
6 pm – 8 pm Keneen McNiven *Sacred Psoas: “GPS” Muscle of the Soul English Lecture & Asana “WHEN ONE TUGS AT A SINGLE THING IN NATURE, HE (SHE) FINDS IT ATTACHED TO THE REST OF THE WORLD” – JOHN MUIR. When our postural-fascial core is disrupted with too much sitting, over-stretching in yoga, or defensive fight, flight, freeze “shapes” second to stress or trauma, the sacred psoas “GPS” muscle may become dry, brittle or reactive resulting in a “tug” throughout the brain and entire nervous system.
This tug results in a host of mind-body-spirit ailments including pain, stress, fatigue, sleep loss and sub optimal health in general. Emotionally we lose our equilibrium and spiritually we feel disconnected from our sacred depths. In this illuminating and uplifting asana- lecture complete with Power Point and graphics: 1) Discover the fascial relationship between the Psoas, gut brain, heart, vagus nerve and nervous system. 2) Liberate your personal psoas muscle from residues of the past to clear the way for a deeper unity with self and other. 3) Understand the underlying roots of the Psoas relationship with all applied therapeutics, in any joint, anywhere in the body, and any health challenge, for greater healing and transformation potential. 4) Learn basics about balancing the Parasympathetic, Sympathetic and Vagal Nervous Systems. 5) Connect with your Kula in small somatic inquiry groups to illuminate and help heal trapped energy in your sacred Psoas muscle.
8 pm- 10 pm Annie Jacob (USA) *Providing stability for my Kula English Teacher Workshop Self Inquiry/ Reflection with standing poses, breath work & meditation.
10 pm – 12 am Will Doran (USA) *As Above, So Below: Guided Meditation Restorative Practice English Meditation & Restorative The intention of this class is to both take the student into a deep relaxed state and use that to journey into an awareness of how the micro and macro of life are intertwined and mirrored. In the class I will guide the students through imagery and symbolism to explore focused awareness as a way to be more intimate with the knowledge that “it is all connected.”
12 am – 2 am Suzanne Faith Slocum-Gori (Spain) *Let Light Rule English Philosophy & Meditation Currently it seems that the planet is naturally cleansing itself from the inside. There are collective and personal shadows rising to the surface. As a human race, we don’t necessarily evolve until we can learn more about our shadow sides and connect all of our missing pieces. A shadow is a part of ourselves which is hidden, disowned, ignored and often deeply uncomfortable. Cultural and social constructs become imprinted upon our unconscious and begin to shape our lens of perception and govern our behaviour and emotion. It takes a great deal of compassion, courage, steadfastness and radical honesty to explore our own negative tendencies. To truly work with our dark sides, it is critical that we stand in the light of our awareness and practice self-inquiry and discernment, As a result, we can cultivate life-changing shifts. There are several powerful methods used to do this work, including purification practices and with the transformational presence of Maha Shakti. Join Suzanne for a session of Philosophy, Meditation, Pranayama and Self-Reflective practices by exploring various theoretical frameworks, sutras and subtle-body practices and exercises to shed a new light upon ourselves.
12 am – 2 am Anna Soencksen (Germany) *Transformed By Birth: A Process of Trust and Support Into Your Very Own Shakti Power German Asana In regards to my recent birth experience I once more deepened my understanding of the Shakti Power which connects each of us in a very unique way to the First Principle of „Open to Grace“. I would love to share all these insights through a breath based hatha yoga practice with you, so that you can embody the UPA of „Open to Grace“ in a way, where all the asana practice leads towards the „goal“ of creating a life affirming presence that provides a strong vessel as well as a soft heart. The asana practice itself is going to be focusing on the breath and mainly „basic“ postures, so that it is possible to really melt into a state of pure trust and transformation throughout the process of breathing, moving, contemplating and meditating.
2 am – 4 am Sarah Powell (United Kingdom) *Waking Up When Deep in the Forest English Asana I will tell the story of Bhima deep in the forest (Mahabharata) so deep in self pity, self concern & his own needs … unable to see what was around him. It took an intervention from our favourite monkey god for him to see the wood from the trees in his “forest”. He was reminded by Hanuman to reflect with honesty, develop compassion for others & his surroundings, find courage & steadfastness on this new & very different path. Dig deep, do the work (IS and OS). Working towards peaks of Hanumanasana & vasisthasana using IS and OS. Starting with Nadi Shodhana pranayama & culminating in brief meditation & savasana. Working towards peaks of Hanumanasana & vasisthasana using IS and OS. Starting with Nadi Shodhana pranayama & culminating in brief meditation & savasana.
2 am – 4 am Julia Schlenkert (Germany) *”Sheath for Sheath“: Practice for all Koshas & Kirtan German Meditation & Kirtan In this class we use the calm of the morning and practice together with relatively little instruction. Julia creates a space for a practice in which the individual layers of our existence are gradually addressed. Asana, pranayama and japa meditation (chanting) result in silent meditation and a longer shavasana. Afterwards there will be some time for further movement and a little kirtan (chanting).
4 am – 6 am Letizzia Wastavino (Austria) *Anusara for everyone, Chair Yoga, for People with Low Mobility Spanish Chair Yoga Sometimes, we get the feeling of being trapped in the dark, we feel pain, we feel alone, we feel desperate. It is on those moments, when we need to Open to Grace, we need to root into the knowing of our amazing power within, and let it raise and expand in order to bring us closer to the light. Sometimes, our bodies loose their mobility, so in my class we will learn how to teach to people with low mobility, bringing the beautiful world of Anusara to everyone who wants to explore it, allowing to share the light within with those who needed it the most.
4 am – 6 am Bridget Woods-Kramer (United Kingdom *Surya Yantrasana: A Tool for Self Inquiry English Asana Enjoy an introspective asana flow with hip openers ,twists and forward folds leading to Surya Yantrasana, Sun Dial pose. A sun dial is a tool of guidance just like our practice and we will use this as a time to reflect on our thoughts, words, and actions with honesty and compassion.
6 am – 8 am Victoria Huang (Taiwan) *Love Wins Chinese Asana How to make “right” choice? By what seems to be “righteous “, or “love and freedom of heart”? By the dharma at the moment, Love Wins!
6 am – 8 am Jacalyn Prete (USA) *Anusara Yoga and the Art of Self Massage English Therapeutics & Asana This grounding asana/therapeutics workshop is for students of all levels and teachers. We use yoga props and facial release techniques to open up pelvis, calves, feet After doing extensive facial release techniques students are led through a hip opening asana practice to experience more freedom around joints and balanced energy flow throughout the body.
*All classes that are attended LIVE will count as elective credit hours.
**Bill Mahony’s class attended LIVE will count toward the 24 hours of required philosophy credits.