Samavesha 2022 Online

Guidelines for Zoom Proctors

  1. At least 20-15 minutes before the start of the Zoom Call: Locate the class that you are proctoring on your personal proctor sheet (sent in an email) and sign in to the Zoom link associated with that specific class.
  2. Login to the correct Zoom account:
    • Go to
    • Find all login information here:
      • I recommend copying and pasting the information from the sheet
      • Make sure you are signing in to the correct account associated with the Zoom call (this is on your personal proctor sheet)
    • Enter/paste email address and password and click “login”
  3. Start the meeting.
    • If the meeting does not automatically appear upon sign in, navigate to “Meetings” on the left hand side of the screen.
    • Make sure the name of the meeting is what you are set to proctor
  4. Connect with the instructor.
    • Introduce yourself!
    • Make sure that the instructor can be seen and heard.
    • Troubleshoot any problems the instructor may have.
    • Use your judgment and intuition to make the Zoom meeting sound and look the best it can be!
      • Remember sometimes less is more. If an instructor seems overwhelmed, I suggest less!
      • If you have a technical problem, please troubleshoot. If you need help. call Aline via WhatsApp:
        +52 998 165 1224
  5. Make sure the yoga instructor is co-host and set the screen in speaker view:
    • To make co-host:
      • Press 3 dots at the upper right corner of the instructors video
      • Select “make co-host”
    • To set speaker view
      • Go to the top right corner of the page and select “Speaker View”
    • Instructions to “pin” instructor
      • Press the 3 dots at the top corner of the instructors screen
      • Select “pin”
  6. Start recording when the presenter is ready to start their presentation so greetings and catch-up are not included in the recording.
  7. Stay on for the entire Zoom call until the instructor says it is over.
    • Allow time for opening conversation, when the class officially starts, “pin” the instructor on your screen.
    • Mute participants as necessary
    • This is very unlikely, but if for some reason the class is not recording, press the “record” button on the bottom navigation bar on Zoom.
    • If there are technical problems, stay on the call and troubleshoot! Technical problems are generally connection problems. Unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do but stay on the call and hope the connection restores.
  8. Have fun and learn about yoga!
    • Remember we’re all here to have a good time and learn about the magical and wonderful practice of Anusara Yoga!
    • With 16 classes on the schedule, there might be a few blips, and that is totally fine. We are all human!
    • Noooo stress!
      • Remember to breathe and be flexible 😊
      • Remember Aline is just a phone call or text message away!
        • WhatsApp: +52 998 165 1224