The Anusara School of Hatha Yoga’s annual international gathering

Samavesha 2023

See you there!

Thursday, November 2-Sunday, November 6

We’ll announce the exact location by Friday, March 31!
¡Anunciaremos el lugar exacto el viernes 31 de marzo a más tardar!

Hello! I and the other Anusara teachers in Spain are very excited to host our next Samavesha! 

Spain is the southernmost country in Europe. Our cities offer an undeniable historical richness, and the food is varied and exquisite. Our attractive geography and magnificent climate make it possible to enjoy all kinds of activities throughout most of the year. And, of course, we cannot forget the welcoming and friendly nature of the Spanish people! 

Stay tuned for more information

Our Spanish Kula awaits you with open arms!
With love and gratitude,

Stella Iglesias
Country Coordinator for Spain
Anusara School of Hatha Yoga

¡Hola! ¡El resto de profesores de Anusara en España y yo, estamos muy emocionados de acoger nuestra próxima Samavesha!

España es el país más meridional de Europa. Nuestras ciudades ofrecen una riqueza histórica innegable, y la gastronomía es variada y exquisita. Nuestra atractiva geografía y nuestro magnífico clima permiten disfrutar de todo tipo de actividades durante la mayor parte del año. ¡Y, por supuesto, no podemos olvidar la naturaleza acogedora y amigable de su gente!

¡Por favor, estad atentos para obtener más información!

¡La Kula española os espera con los brazos abiertos!
Con amor y gratitud,

Stella Iglesias 
Coordinadora Anusara en España
Anusara School of Hatha Yoga

Samavesha 2022
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Andres Perez, Certified Anusara Teacher

Generosidad: Una de las cualidades del Amor (Hanuman)

Bridget Woods, E-Certified Anusara Teacher

Tara the Goddess of Compassion that ferries us all across the ocean

Julia Pearring, E-Certified Anusara Teacher

Cultivating a Steady Base of Compassion

Julia Schlenkert, E-Certified Anusara Teacher

Here to Serve: Giving Adjustments as an Act of Love

Jacalyn Prete, E-Certified Anusara Teacher

Dance of the Divine Feminine

Will Doran, Certified Anusara Teacher

Building Power to Create the Freedom You Desire

Eva Ananya, E-Certified Anusara Teacher

The Power of Breath: Breathing as a Path to Yourself

Bill Mahony PhD, Philosophy Scholar

daya-bhutesu: Generous Compassion

Cat McCarthy, Certified Anusara Teacher

The Art & Science of Getting Along

Madhuri Martin, E-Certified Anusara Teacher
Judyth Hill, Subject Matter Specialist

Due to illness, Judyth’s workshop has been rescheduled for Saturday, January 28!

Adam Ballenger, E-Certified Anusara Teacher

Spiral – Master Session

Sarah Powell, E-Certified Anusara Teacher

Bhima: A Tough Guy? Or a Softie?

Letizzia Wastavino, Certified Anusara Teacher

Compasion hacia nosotros mismos

Leah Kline, Certified Anusara Teacher

Time-Less: a vibrational experience from sound to compassionate silence

Suzanne Zuber, Certified Anusara Teacher

Compassion in Action: Easeful Arm Balances

Beatriz Almazan, Certified Anusara Teacher

Basandote en la generosidad compasion y sabiduria disfruta la armonia y La Paz

More about Bill Mahony
Philosophy Scholar


Known as Bill by his friends, our Samavesha 2022 scholar remains an enthusiastic Anusara supporter from its inception. He has academic degrees from Williams College, Yale University, and University of Chicago. Since 1982, Bill remains a highly regarded Professor at Davidson College. He has published articles and esteemed, core resource, philosophy books available in Anusara’s store.

  • Exquisite Love: Reflections on the Spiritual Life Based on the Narada Bhakti Sutras
  • The Artful Universe: An Introduction to the Vedic Religious Imagination

Bill also leads workshops and trainings around the world. He is known for his informed, thoughtful, and appreciative teaching style that makes yoga philosophy accessible to students of all levels.