Samudra Shakti Intensive: Yoga Communication

cat mccarthy teaches an intensive on yoga communication in rocky mountains usa at samudra shakti anusara yoga retreat
Cat McCarthy, Certified Anusara Teacher, offers Compassion in Action: Yoga of Communication a 10-hour Intensive Study at Samudra Shakti.

Samudra Shakti Retreat with Cat McCarthy
10-Hours Intensive Study Compassion in Action: Yoga of Communication

Ready to safely explore the heart-mind-body terrain with the empathy skills of Non-Violent Communication (NVC)? Join Cat McCarthy for a 10-hour Intensive at Samudra Shakti – Anusara Yoga’s Retreat in the Rocky Mountains. This Intensive is open to all practitioners from all lineages.

Sunday, September 17 – Wednesday September 20
Estes Park, Colorado USA

Your Intensive event ticket includes 10-hours of exclusive in-depth study with master teacher, Cat McCarthy, as well as all-event access to our 4-day Samudra Shakti yoga retreat.

Enjoy Cat’s vulnerable humor, dynamic clarity, and compassionate presence.

Compassion in Action: Yoga of Communication – Cat McCarthy Intensive Focus

If everything you do, you do for a reason, what if you could understand your thoughts behind your actions? What if you could excavate the embedded need beneath your judgments? It just might begin to shift your awareness and cultivate compassion in how to interact with yourself and the surrounding world.

“Compassion in Action” is an innovative program that offers skills of adaptability through yoga and Compassionate Communication (CC). Inspired by the global teachings of Marshall Rosenberg’s Non-Violent Communication (NVC), Cat McCarthy facilitates an integrative approach to identify and reorganize habitual patterns of heart, mind, and body.

Yoga and CC both offer maps to help regulate the nervous system. The physical practice of asana shifts proprioception, while an empathy practice rewires perception via playful exercises. It’s a physical, mental, and emotional training that leads to more understanding, ease, and connection.

The methodology of CC is simple although not easy. It takes time to tone one’s empathy muscles, especially while maintaining compassion within our conditioned world of blame and shame.

cat mccarthy intensive on yoga communication with her hands in prayer position
Cat McCarthy will help you shift your perspective.

Yoga of Communication Intensive Includes

In this training, facilitator Cat McCarthy will guide you through the terrain of “needs-based” consciousness. You will develop a new relationship with your feelings, learn to translate your judgments into values, and understand the motivation behind your habitual behavior. Exploring new tools of emotional intelligence, you can generate untapped neural pathways for empathy. Get ready to shift your perspective on a cellular level!

Enjoy 10-hours of Intensive Study During Your 4-Day Retreat

Samudra Shakti begins on Sunday, September 17 with an afternoon group asana practice and an evening restorative sound bath. Your Intensive study with Cat McCarthy occurs on Monday, September 18 for 5 hours and Tuesday, September 19 for 5 hours. Samudra Shakti concludes on Wednesday, September 20 following morning meditation and (2) group asana practices. View the entire schedule for Samudra Shakti.

All Event Access with your Cat McCarthy – Yoga Communication Intensive Purchase

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Samudra Shakti – an Anusara Yoga Retreat
Sunday, September 17 – Wednesday, September 20