Samudra Shakti Intensive: Sequencing Strategies

christina sell head shot teaching at samudra shakti ansuara yoga retreat
Christina Sell, Certified Anusara Teacher, offers a Peak Pose Sequencing Strategies 10-hour Intensive Study at Samudra Shakti.

Samudra Shakti Retreat with Christina Sell
10-Hours Intensive Study of Sequencing Strategies

Ready to grow in your understanding? Join Christina Sell for a 10-hour Intensive at Samudra Shakti – Anusara Yoga’s Retreat in the Rocky Mountains. This Intensive is open to all practitioners from all lineages.

Sunday, September 17 – Wednesday September 20
Estes Park, Colorado USA

Your Intensive event ticket includes 10-hours of exclusive in-depth study with master teacher, Christina Sell, as well as all-event access to our 4-day Samudra Shakti yoga retreat.

Enjoy Christina’s delightful humor and skillful application of repeating patterns to discover peak pose strategies.

Structures for Shakti: Peak Pose Sequencing Strategies – Christina Sell Intensive Focus

There are many ways to sequence asana classes in Anusara yoga. We can use a general template strategy or a heart-based theme, an alignment principle, a philosophical perspective, a category of postures, a body part, or a functional movement. We can design our classes with a therapeutic application in mind or with a specific posture as the “peak” or “pinnacle” posture, all to good effect. Truly, the work of creative sequencing is endless!

Designed with the experienced teacher in mind, this intensive builds on the foundational sequencing knowledge of a general template approach to help teachers refine their understanding of how to build toward peak poses effectively, efficiently, and progressively.

Teachers will learn techniques to re-enliven the approaches they are already using, committed practitioners will learn to see the structures behind the classes they enjoy and will learn tools to design their own practice sessions and teacher trainers will get ideas for how to present this fundamental skill to their trainees.

christina sell teaches intensive sequencing strategies for yoga
Christina Sell will help refine your teaching skill.

Sequencing Strategies Intensive Includes

• Overview of fundamental joint actions and the basis for movement

• Leveraging repetition of shape and action throughout your sequence

• The art of deconstructing and reconstructing postures to increase clarity and performance

• Using props to educate, support and deepen

• Refining verbal cues to bring your sequence to life

Enjoy 10-hours of Intensive Study During Your 4-Day Retreat

Samudra Shakti begins on Sunday, September 17 with an afternoon group asana practice and an evening restorative sound bath. Your Intensive study with Christina Sell occurs on Monday, September 18 for 5 hours and Tuesday, September 19 for 5 hours. Samudra Shakti concludes on Wednesday, September 20 following morning meditation and (2) group asana practices. View the entire schedule for Samudra Shakti.

All Event Access with your Christina Sell – Sequencing Strategies Intensive Purchase

Enjoy any and all of Samudra Shakti’s retreat offerings for the 4-days with your Intensive ticket purchase.

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See You in Estes Park, Colorado!

Samudra Shakti – an Anusara Yoga Retreat
Sunday, September 17 – Wednesday, September 20