School News – Professional Development – 5th Edition Anusara Marga


By Cara Zuber Butler
Certified Anusara® Yoga Teacher
Professional Development Director

Greetings Kula,

I want to share a few highlights from the Professional Development Department. Over the past seven years ASHY has been building and establishing a viable non-profit school. This year ASHY has grown to 1,045 members, which is remarkable growth from our inception of 455 members.  This year the Professional Development Department was created to address membership growth and provide teachers with education, training materials, and communication. The new department is comprised of Licensing, Curriculum and Support & Education Departments.

It has been a busy year for the Licensing Department. Our Kula has grown by 38% through October 2019.   Please join us in congratulating the 354 teachers who have obtained a NEW License.  Thanks to Ory Brown (AET, US),  Licensing Specialist, for helping these teachers through the application process.   Ory supports renewing or obtaining a license and registering trainings.

This chart outlines the License level by Region.

Europe 110 25 9
Asia Pacific 115 7 4
Latin America 33 1 2
US/Canada 33 8 7
TOTAL 291 41 22

A big thanks to the Certified teachers who have led 200-hour and 300-hour teacher trainings, and inspiring your students to join the Kula at large.  Many thanks to the Assessors who support 36 countries and have mentored the 22 teachers who are newly Certified. Thanks to the Certified teachers who mentor teachers in reviewing their classes and provide feedback in order  to move the next licensing level, such as Inspired. Congratulations to the newly 41 newly Inspired teachers.

The Professional Development Department goal is to be transparent, clear and consistent in programs, trainings, and licensing.  Receiving feedback, being a mentor, education and growing as a yogi are important aspects of ASHY’s  Professional Continuum.  In early November, there were two  Professional Development conference calls.   New programs, licenses and Certification processes were discussed.  We reviewed the new Experienced Certified Ansuara Teacher License, the new 36-hour Bridge Program and new tools and steps for the Certification process to make the experience clear and consistent.  Please contact Aline Flores ( for the audio, which is available in English and Spanish/English.

We have been working diligently to have the Teachers Lounge  be a resource for  updates and resources.  Many thanks to Keric Morinaga (ECAT, USA) for the hours he spent creating and organizing documents.  Thanks to Jeannine Plaiche (CAT, Canada) and Will Doran (CAT, US) for your help in branding our website.

I am here to serve you.  Please let me know how I can support your growth in your teaching, yourself and our Kula.

Cara Zaruba Butler

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