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Bill Dorigan


Bill is a trial attorney, a certified Anusara yoga teacher, an author, and a black belt in Karate.

Following a background in athletics, including football (Bill was a 230-pound center in college for eventual all-pro NFL quarterback Ken Anderson of the Cincinnati Bengals), and martial arts (Bill holds three black belts), Bill turned to yoga when he realized that trial tactics and flurries of punches and kicks wouldn’t garner many lasting friendships. Drawn to Anusara’s combination of rigorous alignment and focus on heart-oriented philosophy, Bill knew he had found his passion. Out of this passion he immersed himself in yoga philosophy, studying extensively with Dr. Douglas Brooks, Sally Kempton, Dr. Paul Muller-Ortega, and Dr. Edwin Bryant, among others. Adding to this, Bill obtained a Master’s in Human Development in 2005 focusing on the integration of yoga philosophy and behavioral psychology.

Bill is the author of a book on the every-day application of yoga philosophy, Finding the Midline, (available on the Anusara website) which uses stories to simplify and explain the philosophy topics taught in Anusara immersions. That book has been and continues to be used by teachers of Anusara yoga and other traditions to help bring to life the usefulness of the beautiful philosophy that forms the basis of Anusara yoga.  He has also published a second book, A Manual for Wellbeing, Using Yoga to Enrich Your Life, Book 1 – the first in a series of books elaborating on how particular aspects of yoga practices and philosophy help create and build wellbeing within individuals and communities.

Bill has taught the philosophy segments of immersions for Certified Anusara teacher Madhuri Martin, an ongoing philosophy class in Denver, and various other workshops, and lectures on the subject of yoga philosophy.

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