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Christine du Fresne


My first yoga teacher training in 1988 was in the Iyengar tradition, where I completed Level 1 training and was introduced to the Patanjalayogashastra.

But my passion for the study of Indian philosophic traditions had its beginnings some years later, in Anusara Yoga, in 2001 when I commenced a four-year apprenticeship teacher-training program with my then teacher.

Although I had studied Western philosophy at university in my youth, and found it intellectually stimulating, it was only when I began discovering the refined and potent gifts of the Tantras, and realized that the hatha yoga I had been practicing for years had it’s roots in classical Tantra that I was inspired to dive into both the Tantric texts and the wider textual sources of yoga.

My first teacher was a Hindu priest who, for almost two years, taught a weekly class on a wide range of texts on yoga and Indian traditions.  Again, this was intellectually stimulating.  I loved his classes, and learned a lot.

But it was when I began attending a local ashram for weekly satsang and various workshops and retreats, that I realized the wisdom of the texts had a specific purpose: to offer me a path to transform my life and the way I live it; to recognize the truth of my existence.

When I met my teacher Carlos Pomeda in 2005, I knew I had met my maha teacher.

His wise, generous and compassionate teaching has illuminated my own teaching, stimulated my appetite for home study and practice, and given me the tools and direction to impart the wisdom of these texts to others.

I was honoured with Anusara certification in 2009 and continue to teach classes locally, to train teachers and conduct Immersion programs, as well as offering workshops further afield.

I hold a Post-Graduate Diploma in Professional Art Studies from 1986, and continue to work as a painter and sculptor.

Art and yoga practices are in and of each other: a beautiful and wondrous dance of creativity.


contact Christine:  cduf47@gmail.com